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  • images/v/Y13-1080P-no-hole-IR-night-vision-spy-carkey-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-motion-detection-max-32G-06.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/Y13-1080P-no-hole-IR-night-vision-spy-carkey-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-motion-detection-max-32G-08.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/Y13-1080P-no-hole-IR-night-vision-spy-carkey-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-motion-detection-max-32G-07.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/Y13-1080P-no-hole-IR-night-vision-spy-carkey-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-motion-detection-max-32G-05.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/Y13-1080P-no-hole-IR-night-vision-spy-carkey-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-motion-detection-max-32G-04.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/Y13-1080P-no-hole-IR-night-vision-spy-carkey-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-motion-detection-max-32G-03.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/Y13-1080P-no-hole-IR-night-vision-spy-carkey-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-motion-detection-max-32G-02.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/Y13-1080P-no-hole-IR-night-vision-spy-carkey-camera-video-recorder-support-photo-video-and-motion-detection-max-32G-01.jpg.jpg

Y13 1080P no hole IR night vision spy carkey camera video recorder support photo video and motion detection max 32G

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      • Description:
      • Y13 1080P no hole IR night vision spy carkey camera video recorder support photo video and motion detection max 32G

      Operation instructions
      1. Switching machine operation.
      Long press the power-on button to start up, the camera starts the system initialization, the red and blue lights blink.After the initial statement, the blue light goes out and the red light is on.
      2: taking photos and shooting video.
      When the red light is on, the red light is flashing.Long press the camera button, the red light flashes six times,
      The machine enters the camera mode.Short press the switch key red light, save the file.Video is 15 minutes a file, the machine has the function of circular recording.The pixel is 1920*1080 connection charger with edge charging edge camera.
      3: mobile detection operation.
      The red and blue light flashes six times.Enter the motion detection video mode.
      4: night vision operation
      After starting up, press the night vision button to open and close the night light.
      5. Charging display
      Connect to the USB cable for charging, red light and bright blue light flashing to indicate that it is charging.When the blue light goes out, the red light is on.
      6: moving disk
      Use the USB cable that is equipped with the machine, connect the machine to the USB interface on the computer, and the computer desktop will pop up the "movable disk id".(this operation is in the case of inserting the TF card. If no TF card is connected to the computer, it will enter the PC CAM)
      7. Time modification
      The camera provides the ability to display the video time in the video file, and you can set the time according to the actual needs. The time format is year.Set as follows, connected to the computer, find, after the mobile disk in the disk space right click the mouse moved to the popup menu on the "new" - > "a text document" to the document named "time" (the letter must be lowercase), its extension ". TXT ".You can also build a folder like this on your desktop and copy it into your disk folder.Open the time folder, set the time format like: 2018.01.01 00:00:00, year, month, day and hour, minutes and seconds separated by Spaces.Then save it.After saving the file, safely exit the hardware, boot up, time setting is completed.When the time is set, the time of the video file will be as soon as you set it.Note: when the time is set, it must be turned on before it becomes effective.
      8. Handling of abnormal problems.
      1) the red light will flash or cannot be recorded after starting up, please check whether the TF card is inserted correctly and the TF card is damaged.
      2) when the camera has insufficient storage space, the red and blue light flashes three times to automatically save the file and turn it off.If you need to continue to use, please replace the large capacity memory card, or backup and delete the old files in the TF card.To make room for storage.
      3) when the battery is in short supply and the red light flashes three times quickly, it will automatically save the current image file and turn it off. If you want to continue using the camera, please use it after charging.
      4) when the camera stops responding due to accidental improper operation or other special reasons, please press the switch button to restart the machine and then use it.
      5) do not start up: check whether the battery has power and press reset button to restart it.
      6) do not connect to the computer: please confirm your operating system, the driver, the USB interface, the connection line is normal.

      Related parameters
      Video format AVI.
      Video code m-jpeg.
      Video resolution 1920*1080.
      Video frame rate 30fps.
      Play the software operating system with or mainstream video playback software.
      Image format JPG 4032*3024.
      Image 5 m pix
      Image ratio: 4:3
      Support system Windows me/2000 xp 2003/vista:M.
      Battery capacity 300mAh.
      The working time is about 90 minutes.
      Charging voltage DC-5V.
      Interface type MIC min5pin.
      The storage support micro SD card.
      Battery type high-capacity polymer lithium.

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      • Y13 1080P no hole IR night vision spy carkey camera video recorder support photo video and motion detection max 32G
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