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  • WR-02 8GB Heart keychains voice recorder pendant voice activated recorder
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WR-02 8GB Heart keychains voice recorder pendant voice activated recorder

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  • Wholesale from: 1 Unit(s)

      • Description:
      • WR-02 8GB Heart keychains voice recorder pendant voice activated recorder

      One button voice activated recording:Long press the power button about 2 seconds,the indicator light turns to red,the recorder start voice activated recording,during the recording process,the indicator light will turn to blue and flash 5 times then disappear.
      When the sound is too quiet, the recorder will enter into the VOS status and pause the recording until the outside sound is normal to be recorded.
      Note:As the recorder with the function of voice activated recording, it maybe can’t recording the voice which sound is too low, in that case ,our company is not responsible for this kind of issue.
      Stop recording:During the recording process ,short press the power button,the blue light
      will keep flashing again, short press the power button again the recorder will stop recording and save the recording file.
      Turn off:During the recording process, long press the power button about 2 seconds,the
      recorder will stop recording to save the recording file,then turns off.
      Playback:Please make sure the recorder is turn off,then connect it to PC or Android smart
      Phone to playback the recording files.
      Time setting: Please connect the recorder to the PC and create a “txt” file under the folder RECORD,then save it.(The format and the content of the file should include the date and time.).Please make sure the “year” must be four digits and the others be two digits.such as 20180117103030 (It means in Jan. 17th 2018 at 10:30'30'').

      USB connection:In the state of the shutdown,please connect the recorder to PC or the mobile device which with the OTG function.The recorder can be used as the removable disk and start charging,when the red indicator light keep flashing ,it means the charging is not finished,and vice versa. It will need about 1 hour when charging by PC.And the recorder can continuous recording about 12 hours after fully charged
      Note: If the red indicator light flashes during recording,it means the power is not enough.Please connect it to PC,phone or charger,it will be recording and charging simultaneously.

      In order to avoiding accidents,please read user’s manual carefully before operations.
      1.When the recorder used as a USB removable disk,please turn off it at first and then connect it to PC.
      2.When the device stop working during operations, please press the power button about 15 seconds to reset and restart the device.
      3.Please backup files regularly on the computer to avoid data loss which may be caused by wrong operations or breakdown of the machine.
      4.We are not responsible for the recording failures which caused by wrong operations or damage of the recorder.
      5.Please do not disassemble or replace the inner parts by yourself.Please backup files before sending for repair.We are not responsible for the information loss which caused by maintenance.
      6.We are not responsible for the user’s recording without other’s approval.
      7.We endeavor to ensure the manual’ s integrity. For technical and other reasons. If the contents do not match , please take recorder as standard.

      Weight:about 8g
      Power Supply:Polymer Battery 3.7V 75mAh,Recording time about 12hours
      Recording Format:WAV,192Kbps
      Recording Time:
      4GB:about 47 hours
      8GB:about 94 hours
      16GB:about 188 hours
      Support System:Windows2000/XP/vista/7/8/10/Android
      Flash memory: 4GB—16GB( FAT32 format)

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