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  • T193 1080P HD Video recorder sticker Recording Pen for meeting Max 128G
  • images/v/T193-1080P-HD-Video-recorder-sticker-Recording-Pen-for-meeting-Max-128G-04.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/T193-1080P-HD-Video-recorder-sticker-Recording-Pen-for-meeting-Max-128G-07.jpg.jpg
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  • images/v/T193-1080P-HD-Video-recorder-sticker-Recording-Pen-for-meeting-Max-128G-03.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/T193-1080P-HD-Video-recorder-sticker-Recording-Pen-for-meeting-Max-128G-02.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/T193-1080P-HD-Video-recorder-sticker-Recording-Pen-for-meeting-Max-128G-01.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/T193-1080P-HD-Video-recorder-sticker-Recording-Pen-for-meeting-Max-128G-08.jpg.jpg

T193 1080P HD Video recorder sticker Recording Pen for meeting Max 128G

  • item#: 201809300001
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      • Description:
      • T193 1080P HD Video recorder sticker Recording Pen for meeting Max 128G

      All functions and operations are indicated by vibration of motor, without indicator light in working condition.
      High quality image HD MOV H.264 1080P DV DC
      Video format: 1920X1080P
      Burst mode/Continuous shooting (3 pictures): 12M (4032X3024)
      Charging while recording allowed
      Max. 128G T-flash card supported
      Built-in lithium battery allows continuous shooting for 150 minutes (2.5 hours)
      Connect to USB charger, and the red light should be on; it is fully charged if the blue light is on (it takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery each time)
      1: If the battery is low, the motor vibrates three times and the product powers off (save files and power off automatically)
      2: If there is no card after the pen is powered on, the motor vibrates for 5 seconds and the pen powers off.
      3: Press for 3 seconds, the pen powers on; it powers off (a long vibration) automatically 1 minute later if there is no any working mode.
      1080P recording:
      To start recording, press ON/OFF for 3 seconds and the pen powers on. Motor vibrates once, indicating power-on and standby; press ON/OFF again, motor vibrates twice, indicating recording, 15 minutes a piece, cyclic covering; to stop recording, press ON/OFF once, motor vibrates once, indicating the recording stops.
      Continuous shooting (3 pictures) 12 million:
      In the mode of power-on and standby, press F once, motor vibrates twice, indicating 3 pictures shot continuously and saved automatically. We may also directly press camera button to take pictures during recording, and recording and capturing are not affected.
      Format T card:
      In Power-on/Standby mode, long press F key for at least 2 seconds, motor keeps vibrating, if it stops vibrating, the formatting is done, all the contents in TF card are cleared.
      If the pen crashes, and no key is working, press R to reset
      Charging while recording:
      Insert USB line outside 5V USB power or charge treasure (computer USB does not enter the U mode) machine to shake 1 times to enter 1080P video and charge mode, (at this time the red light is bright is the charge blue light is full at the same time is full), then click a switch machine button motor to shake 1 times to stop camera, without manual stop recording.
      Low battery:
      If the battery is low, the motor gives three long vibrations, then the pen saves files automatically and powers off.
      Power off:
      In Stop Mode (recording, shooting), long press ON/OFF key for about 5 seconds, the motor gives a long vibration and then the pen powers off.
      Time to change the setting on its own:
      On the desktop of computer, right click to Create-Text Document, ; open this file and compile the time you need, format (Note: August 18, 2018 18:30:38) 20180818183038, then Y to save the text document; then rename the text document as time.txt ; connect to computer via USB cable or directly copy the text document properly saved to root directory of USB flash disk, ; then unplug USB cable; start the device, the time mark is written into it and saved; if reinsert the computer to read the USB flash disk, time.txt disappears. If time mark is not needed, follow the same steps but with different ending.
      Reference format:
      1: 20180818183038 Y (Y There is time mark shown in video)
      2: 20180818183038 N (N There is no time mark shown in video)
      Every time the time mark is erased or written into, the motor will give a long vibration if the device powers on for the first time.

      Related parameters
      Item Relevant parameter
      Video format MOV
      Video resolution 1920X1080P
      Video frame rate 30 fps
      Player software Operating system’s own or mainstream audio and video playback software
      Image scale 4:3
      OS supported Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista; Mac os; Linux;
      Battery capacity 950mAh
      Working time About 150 minutes (2.5 hours)
      Charging voltage DC-5V
      Interface type Mini 8Pin USB
      Battery type High-capacity lithium polymer battery

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      • T193 1080P HD Video recorder sticker Recording Pen for meeting Max 128G
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