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  • Quad Band Night Vision Security Camera GSM Camera with Remote Control
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Quad Band Night Vision Security Camera GSM Camera with Remote Control

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      • Quad Band Night Vision Security Camera GSM Camera with Remote Control

      A New Approach To Surveillance
      This GSM remote security camera allows you to easily monitor your home or office by sending MMS picture messages to your cellphone whenever motion is detected. Or, you can choose to manually receive pictures and can even listen to conversations or sounds in any room by simply calling the GSM security camera and sending a text command. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even configure this device to send pictures to your email whenever motion is detected or manually by cellphone text command! Continue reading to learn more about this amazing little device.

      Security Just Got A Whole Lot Easier
      This security device comes with a built in battery that last up to 24 hours on standby and does not require a computer or DVR system to operate. This eliminates the need for running wires in your house or spending a lot of money to set up a traditional security system. On the back of this device is two hanging holes so you can securely attach it to a wall or just simply place it on a desk or bookshelf and being using this device within a matter of seconds. If you are looking for an easy to use and highly convenient security device then this GSM security camera is the right product for you.

      Final Thoughts
      This GSM security camera is built using high quality components so you can remain confident that it will capture all of the action all of the time— even in total darkness! And since the design is both elegant and practical, it will perfectly compliment any home or office decor. The best part of all is that you can own this GSM security camera without having to pay any extra cost for expensive product branding or advertising. That’s because this GSM security camera comes directly from the factory, allowing us to pass the saving on to you. Order now we will express ship your order out by tomorrow.


      At a Glance...
      . Automatic MMS picture to your phone when motion is detected

      . Can manually receive photos to phone or email via text command

      . Can call device to listen to any sounds or conversations in the room

      . Easily mount on the wall or place on a table for instant security

      . Automatic night-vision via 8 powerful IR LEDs

      . Built-in rechargeable battery (last up to 24 hours)

      Main Function: GSM Remote Security Camera with Night vision - Quad Band

      4 frequencies (850, 900,1800,1900)

      Built Material: ABS

      Color: White

      Sensor: CMOS - .3MP

      Power Adapter: Input AC 100V-240V /50-60Hz Output DC 5.5V /2A

      Working Temperature: -10 to +45 Degrees Celsius/li>

      Storage Temperature: -20 to +60 Degrees Celsius

      Relative Working Humidity: 10-90%,without condensation

      Communication Protocols (including data operation): GSM PHASE 2/2+

      Wireless Sensor Receiving Code: ASK

      Wireless Sensor Receiving Band: 433MHz / 315MHz

      Effective Distant of the Remote Control: 10 Meters

      Image Format: JPEG

      Image Resolution: 160 x 128, QVGA 320 x 240, VGA 640 x 480

      Camera Pixel: .3 MP

      Camera Capture Angel: 68 degree

      Capturing Distance at Night: Up to 6 meters

      Lithium Battery: 800mAh

      Battery Standby Time: up to 24 hours

      Dimensions: L:125 x W:85 x D:35 (mm)

      Product Notes
      Real-time audio monitoring - call the security camera SIM card number to listen in to surrounding voices or sounds.
      Send images to E-Mail - the DC23 can send MMS images to a pre-set E-mail address.
      Remote control - control & configure the camera with SMS command from your mobile phone.
      Read the entire manual to ensure the best user experience possible.

      Package Including:
      1 * GSM Security Camera

      2 * Remote Control x2

      1 * Power Adapter (100-240v)

      1 * Detailed Instruction User Manual - English

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