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  • Plastic Quad-band Socket Bug GSM SIM Card Spy Audio
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Plastic Quad-band Socket Bug GSM SIM Card Spy Audio

  • item#: 540037
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  • This item is:

      • Description:
      • Plastic Quad-band Socket Bug GSM SIM Card Spy Audio

      . Quad-band Ear bug can be used worldwide

      . Never power off device

      . Work well as a socket

      . Primary Function: 24hours Working GSM Bug with Socket Design

      . Materials: Molded Plastic

      . Color: White and blue

      . GSM Frequency Compatibility: Quadband (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz)

      . Onboard Buttons/Slots:
         - MIC
         - SIM Card Slot

      . Power: Built In Rechargeable Battery

      . Receive sensitivity: -+10K

      . Working temp: -40~50℃

      . Responding frequency: 1.2K~800Khz

      Do not insert the SIM into the slot in the wrong direction.
      Charging up the device, Red and Green LED lights ON. When the device is fully charged up, only Red LED lights ON
      Place the SIM card into the slot with the contact points facing down (according to the pictures indication)
      The flash of red light indicates the SIM card is correctly inserted. SIM spy will completed initialization and maintain in stand-by status.
      Dial the SIM card number, you could hear the sound around the SIM card spy
      Please do not use it to engage any illegal activity

      Package Including:
       1 *  Socket Bug

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