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  • Patented Digital Door Peephole Viewer with 2.5inch TFT LCD Screen
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Patented Digital Door Peephole Viewer with 2.5inch TFT LCD Screen

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      • Patented Digital Door Peephole Viewer with 2.5inch TFT LCD Screen

      Patented Digital Door Peephole Viewer with 2.5inch TFT LCD Screen

      Do you really see clearly who is knocking at your front door?

      After you press the push button of the digital door viewer, you cannot only clearly and conveniently see people who are outside the door, but also you have the picture of the people taken for storage at the same time.

      The digital door viewer effectively solves problems existing in traditional door viewers, namely the occurrence of distorted and unclear images, and safety problems.

      With the built-in patented image correction technology, the door viewer even makes the general appearance of the image become neat and clear, and is the first choice for home safety appliance.

      Product Description:
      The Ominia Peephole Viewer uses a 2.5" LCD panel to display who is at your door without alerting them that you're home if you choose not to answer.

      It makes you say good-bye to a hard-to-see peephole image, and then see a big, bright, clear, and neat image!

      The image is easy to see for both people of any heights and people with poor eyesight, and is similar to that on the display of a digital camera.

      The viewer compensates for low-light images and eliminates "fish eye" distortion.

      It turns off automatically after 10 seconds to conserve battery life.

      It uses a 2.0 mega pixel CMOS sensor and provides 720p HD quality image displays.

      When the batteries are low, the red Low Battery Light flashes. After the red light flashes, the batteries can still produce images, and are good about 200 times.

      Quick, easy installation!

      The viewer requires 2 AA batteries (good for approx. 2000 times without the use of an SD card).

      You can use an SD card of any memory size to store photos taken at the time that you press the POWER button to see who is at the door.

      The viewer can be used with most existing peepholes in doors 4cm~6.9cm (1.57”~2.72”) thick.

      It replaces existing peepholes in the doors of the aforesaid sizes.


      Product Features:
      Patented Design: The product works with the already installed door viewer, and there is no destructive assemblage of parts of the digital peephole viewer. The product is light; the installation and operation of the product are simple; the digital door viewer makes you feel safe.

      Easy and safe one-button operation: After you press the touch button, you can see a big image on the display for safety.

      High resolution images: 720p HD quality, 2.5 inch clear LCD screen, focused and vivid images, better than traditional door viewers

      Simple 3 steps DIY installation without construction: Five minute fast assemblage of parts of the digital door viewer; the operation of the product is simple and convenient. After you buy it home, you can install it by yourself.

      The visibility of images on the LCD screen is better than the visibility shown on the traditional door viewer: The digital door viewer can neatly and clearly produce images, unlike traditional door viewers which distort images.

      For any people: Children who are not tall enough, and the poorer eyesight aged and people of younger ages can easily and clearly see people outside front doors.

      Super power saving: 2 AA batteries - special power management technology (the batteries can produce images about 2000 times, and the user does not need to change them for over a year)

      Wireless: You don't need additional wires to connect the product with your home electrical power box.

      Super large field of view: lens - 54 degree viewing angle, 180 degree wide angle facing outsidethe front door

      Image storage: When you press the touch button to see who is outside the front door, the digital door viewer simultaneously shoots a photo of the person outside the front door. The photo is stored in the SD card.

      The viewer will be turned off if remained idle for 10 seconds to conserve battery power. To restart the viewer simply press the POWER button again.

      Simply press the POWER button to turn on the Viewer.


      Product Specifications:
      Model OM11: 14mm peephole barrel  

      Sensor: 2 Mega Pixel CMOS

      Optical lens: 180 degree wide angle facing outside the front door, 54 degree screen

      LCD Screen: 2.5" TFT LCD screen

      Power Source: 2 AA Batteries (good for approx. 2000 peeps without the use of an SD card)

      Door Thickness: Barrel will fit doors that are 4cm~6.9cm thick (1.57”~2.72”) thickness

      Accessories: Base Flange, Tightening Tool, Peephole, Barrel, Lens, 2 AA Batteries, User Manual

      Size: 14.6(W)x9.0(H)x3.0(D)cm

      Weight: 180g or 0.4lbs

      Package Contents:
      1x Base flange

      1x Peephole

      1x Tightening tool

      1x User Manual



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