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Night Vision Spy Hidden Camera Support Thermograph Electronic Clock Infrared GSM Card TF Card

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      • Night Vision Spy Hidden Camera Support Thermograph Electronic Clock Infrared GSM Card TF Card

      Z-5 is a family distant monitoring system with dedicate digital pen container. It is simple use and cheap with high quality that can be used in office or at home. It has the ir-video recorder, body induction trigger, GSM distant control and calling at any time for monitoring equipment. It can be put anywhere to finish monitoring, protection and send the images to your mobile phone, and it can also be controlled to record video by your mobile phone, so you can control it whenever and wherever you are. It can be applied in survey and searching evidence, security protection, media, law, travel, medicine and therapy. It has outside DC connecter for power supply in order to use for a long time.


      This product uses GSM network with faster and more stable system which was 850-950/1800-1900 frequency covering the globe. It is equipped with non-aerial system, all-day long monitoring, anywhere setting mode and simple operation mode. It has the functions such as camera, recording, monitoring, human body induction , electronic watch, thermograph and timelag spotlight. When under the monitoring mode, if someone intrudes into the situation, it will auto-induct and finish tasks as you have set. And it can also sent the situation image to your mobile phone in order to let you firstly see the situation or auto-save it to let you see when you have time. Then you can use your mobile phone to distance control the monitor, to save the spot situation, save recycle, even when the space is full, the memory will cover the past invade storage to continue monitoring, and in time save the effective memory

      1) Binding to the super mobile phone: put the TF card into the USB connector with the help of card reader, open the PRENET.txt file, change the Admin= into your phone number instead, save the data and copy to the TF card then again put it into the monitor, open the power wait for it auto-operating, then succeed in binding. (Connecting the supplier if you cannot find this file.

      2) Remove the super user: send 333 to the monitor number,(remove successfully) you will receive the message like Cancel Administrator Bind

      3) The security protection is depended on the ir-warm-induction, when anyone is into this field, it will auto take picture or video and save them.

      4) Security protection order: make the monitor into the protection mode: only taking pictures and saving in SD card(send message---DM1); taking pictures and saving on SD card and sending color message(send message---DM2); only takig video and saving on SD card(send message---DM3); you will receive a message like “Defence Mode1/2/3Sucessful”if you set protection successfully.

      5) Remove the protection: send message as CA to the monitor, you will receive a message like Cancel Defence Sucessful if you successfully remove the defence.

      6) Cancel the defence is depended on the ir-warm-induction, saving the function of taking pictures, videos and monitoring by your mobile phone.

      7) Start video record: using the binding phone to send RE to the monitor, the monitor will start to record video, when finish this task ,it will send message as video record ok to your phone, and then save the file, then return to the standby mode, when next order starts, it will auto- record the video for 2 minutes; when the memory space is full, it will auto-remove the earliest file to continue recording.

      8) Distant control to take picture, send SN to the monitor and when it receives the message it will auto take pictures and send them to the binding phone in the form of color message.

      9) You can add users by sending AD138XXXXXXXX and user number to the monitor number, the added users have the same right as the super user but cannot remove the super binding phone.

      10) After successfully binding the phone, you can call the monitor number through the super user’s phone in order to realize the distant monitoring function.

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      • Night Vision Spy Hidden Camera Support Thermograph Electronic Clock Infrared GSM Card TF Card
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      • Night Vision Spy Hidden Camera Support Thermograph Electronic Clock Infrared GSM Card TF Card
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