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  • Metal Detector Built-in Buzzer Pulsating Acoustic Alarm
  • images/v/Metal-Detector-with-Alarm-LED-Indicator-Built-in-Buzzer-Pulsating-Acoustic-Alarm-1.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/Metal-Detector-with-Alarm-LED-Indicator-Built-in-Buzzer-Pulsating-Acoustic-Alarm-2.JPG.jpg
  • images/v/Metal-Detector-with-Alarm-LED-Indicator-Built-in-Buzzer-Pulsating-Acoustic-Alarm-3.JPG.jpg
  • images/v/Metal-Detector-with-Alarm-LED-Indicator-Built-in-Buzzer-Pulsating-Acoustic-Alarm-4.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/Metal-Detector-with-Alarm-LED-Indicator-Built-in-Buzzer-Pulsating-Acoustic-Alarm-5.JPG.jpg

Metal Detector Built-in Buzzer Pulsating Acoustic Alarm

  • item#: HFH111006
  • Wholesale from: 1 Unit(s)
  • This item is:

      • Description:
      • Metal Detector Built-in Buzzer Pulsating Acoustic Alarm


      Model:PD 140
      High sensitivity and very high reliability
      Detects both magnetic and non-magnetic metals
      Easy to use
      Optical, acoustical and vibration alarm
      Long battery life
      Fast inductive battery charger
      Material:shock resistant- ABS
      9V dry battery or 9V Ni-MH accumulator (not part of the delivery)   
      Built-in buzzer pulsating acoustic alarm with high intensity
      Low battery LED indicator
      Alarm LED indicator
      Size:33.5cm/13.19inch for whole length 
           8cm/3.15inch for wdith
           3.5cm/1.38inch for hand shank(diameter)

      Package Contents:

      1x Metal detector

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      • Metal Detector Built-in Buzzer Pulsating Acoustic Alarm
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      • Metal Detector Built-in Buzzer Pulsating Acoustic Alarm
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