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M8000 Professional Multi-functional RF Detector Anti-Spy Anti-Monitor Anti-GpsTracker Detector

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      • Description:
      • M8000 Professional Multi-functional RF Detector Anti-Spy Anti-Monitor Anti-GpsTracker Detector

      radio wave detection
      Mode switch, push it to left RF,turn it on,Power indicator light,adjust the sensitivity to light the thrid Led,then it can start to working.If receving strong environmental signal,pls callback knob. 
      If the signal is full with beep sound,also the sound will become more rapid with the strong signal.
      The light bar is more full and brighten, the sound is more rapid,it means it is near to the suspicious goods.And callback knob at this time,vibrating the detector around,once get the stron signal,then callback the knob,it is easy to lock the target.

      Automatic Search
      Adjust the light bar to the second light extinguish,press the button of automatic Search,
       Mode switch blue light flash,enter into the automatic search status, then you will get the reminder from light bar,once get one,the light bar will bright one light,if reeived 3 time in total,the third light will also bright,also will have Signal logic analysis,it will alarm with sound and light flash once up to the condition.Press button(Automatic Search
      ) ,exit automatic Search mode.
      Magnet detection
      Many of detectors sleeping time is very long,even a few hours or ten hours more only send one signal,detectors is hard to detect,but in order to install easily,all of them with bulit-in One-way magnet.
      Mode switch,Push it to the right MA,adjust Sensitivity to maximum,pls install the magnetic antenna,there is a light on the antenna,then adjust the balanced potentiometer,the sixth of light extinguish.Because of high sensitivity,detector will be effected by geomagnetism and Surface remanence of iron products,will have mistake reminder,pls adjust the knob to fit the environment.
      Detecting sensitive element is installed on the head of antenna with light,using the antenna to find every possible corner,then easy to find it. 

      Main Feature:
      Professional radio wave detection device,high sensitivity,large frequency detection with  Precision
      With Searchlight magnetic sensor antenna,easy to use,easy to search the cars,office,room anywhere,even people is hard to touch or see it.the detector is reliable and accurate via sound and light alarm.
      Detecting all of bugs and locators with Mobile, unicom, telecom Card(2G,3G,4G)
      Detecting GPS Locator packet in high speed uploading
      Detecting 1.2G/2.4G wireless camera
      Detecting hidden 5.8GHZwireless camera and Wireless eavesdropping
      Detecting locator and gps tracking in sleeping state
      Wireless detection automatic search logic analysis memory function

      Frenquency Range:1MHz-12GHz
      Detection Dynamic Range:>73Db
      Detection Sensitivity:≤0.03mw(Main Frequency )
      Detection Range:
      2.4GHz Wireless Camera: 25㎡ (standard 10mW camera)
      1.2GHz Wireless Camera: 36 ㎡ (standard 10mW camera)
      Cellphone Signal 2G,3G,4G: 5--25 ㎡
      Magnetic Detection Sensitivity:50mm--150mm
      Indicating Method:10 Level LED Luminous indicator /Variation sound indication
      Power:Bulit-in 3.7V1500mAHlithium polymer battery
      Working Current:25-35mA    Last Time:20-45H
      Material:Aluminium Alloy       N.W:175g

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