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  • images/v/M-one-1080P-HD-IR-night-vision-Mini-Spy-Video-recorder-with-motion-detection-max-32GB-06.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/M-one-1080P-HD-IR-night-vision-Mini-Spy-Video-recorder-with-motion-detection-max-32GB-05.jpg.jpg
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  • images/v/M-one-1080P-HD-IR-night-vision-Mini-Spy-Video-recorder-with-motion-detection-max-32GB-03.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/M-one-1080P-HD-IR-night-vision-Mini-Spy-Video-recorder-with-motion-detection-max-32GB-02.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/M-one-1080P-HD-IR-night-vision-Mini-Spy-Video-recorder-with-motion-detection-max-32GB-01.jpg.jpg

M one 1080P HD Magnetic IR night vision Mini Spy Video recorder with motion detection max 32GB

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      • Description:
      • M one 1080P HD Magnetic IR night vision Mini Spy Video recorder with motion detection max 32GB

      Characters of Product
      It has small contour design, It is very fashionable and wearable and matches with all kinds of portable tools.
      Support PC camera and chatting function.
      Support AVI video format.
      It can carry out high definition image recording under low illumination.
      Support Video resolution 1920*1080, 30 fps
      Support Camera resolution 1280*960
      Support 32GB T-flash card.(maximum)

      Operation Guide
      1.  Charge
      When you use it the first time, please charge firstly. The method for charging as following:
      1.) Connect computer: use USB cable to connect the computer, then it can be charged.
      2.) Use adaptor: connect charger plug with USB cable, then plug into electrical connector receptacle, it can be charged.
      When you charge it, Red light will bright simultaneously, finish charging, Red right stops flashing.
      Notice: when battery power is not enough, the device will enter into protection mode, so it cannot be turn on. Now, please charge for it.
      2.  On/Off
      Power on: Long Press power button until red indicator light , device standby.
      Power off: In the suspended state, press the power button for 3 seconds, indicator lights off.
      3.  Take Video
      a. Press ON/OFF button,  red indicator flash then off, means taking video
      b. Press O button when taking video, red indicator light on, the device pause and saving
      c. Press O button again, go on taking video
      4.  Take Photo
      Press M button for short time when device standby, indicator flush one time , means took a photo.
      5.  Take Video in dark
      Press Mode button for 3 second when standby, the Red and Blue indicator light on at the same time , then the Infrared lamp light on.
      6.  Motion detection
      In the normal mode, press M button for 2 times, after the red light flash three times to blue light flash into slow motion detecting. If 10 seconds the picture no change, the camera automatically entered into motion detecting standby state, blue light long on at this time. When the picture changes, automatically enter the motion detecting video, slow blue lights flashing. Motion detecting state, press the M key to stop moving detection.
      7.  Charging while taking video
      Connect charger or mobile power, the device can keeping on takeing video all 24 hours
      8.Time setting
      The detail as following:
      a.Insert TF card,connect to computer,find a text called TIME.TXT under root directory of card.
         2011-05-01 23:59:59,
      b.open TIME.TXT,write synchronous date according to enclosure stricktly.
      9.  Auto-power off function
      MINI DV-X6 will save file and turn off automatically as following:
      a.When you shoot video without enough power, file will be saved automatically, then auto-power off.
      b.When disk space of MINI DV-006H is not enoughn, after indicator goes out immediately, file will be saved automatically then auto-power off.
      c.Under standby mode, without any operation in 45 seconds, it will be auto-power off.

      10.Connecting to computer
      It can connects computer under power off mode, standby mode or video mode, after that which can be used as U disk, who can copy, cut and paste, delete file.
      When you connect it with USB port, a portable disk mark will be seen after several seconds. Red indicator light always brights, yellow indicator light will be from flashed quickly to always brights.
      a. When you connect computer, if the machine cannot be identified, or not see the portable U disk mark in 30 seconds, please insert it again.
      b. It is better copy or cut video file into computer hardware then play. Video file which is saved in the machine is played directly will cause unsmooth play, the reason is that gigantic data cannot be transmitted synchronously.
      11.PC Camera
      Connect the device to computer with USB line,enters U disk mode,press mode key,at this moment it can be switched into PC camera mode. Then double press the network camera icon of my computer can be used as PC camera.

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