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  • Home Use Lighting Device With Intruder Deterrent Video Recorder
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Home Use Lighting Device With Intruder Deterrent Video Recorder

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      • Home Use Lighting Device With Intruder Deterrent Video Recorder

      Home Use Lighting Device With Intruder Deterrent Video Recorder

      Keep your home safe and ward off any would-be burglars with this Intruder Deterrent. Also includes motion detect video and audio recording.

      Just point and aim this Intruder Deterrent at a window, door, or any other area you want under surveillance and its passive infrared sensor (which automatically detects any heat and motion-based changes) will take care of the rest. When the sensor is triggered, this Intruder Deterrent will automatically start recording video onto a micro SD card (up to 32GB) and also shine its ultra-bright 34 white LED lights at the target.

      Imagine this: Not only will this surprise any would-be burglars, but it should also scare them off and keep your home safe and intruder-free.

      This Intruder Deterrent is easy to install and requires minimal setup. Thanks to the light weight and compact size, you can put it anywhere for an instant home sentry and security device. The LED head is also adjustable and allows for even more flexibility and placement options.

      Available in our warehouse now, order today and we will express ship it out tomorrow! Brought to you by the leader in China Electronics.

      . Intruder Deterrent - keep your home safe

      . Passive infrared sensor with motion/heat based video recording

      . Records into micro SD (up to 32GB)

      . 34 ultra-bright white LED lights for recording at night

      . Easy to use and easy to install

      Primary Function: Motion activated camera/security light with video recording

      Image Sensor: CMOS

        -Resolution: 640x480
        -FPS: 15
        -Recording Format: AVI
        -Recording Duration: Constant recording in 10 second files
        -Recording File Size: 4MB for a 10 second recording

      Audio: YES, effective recording up to 10 meters

      Night Vision: YES, 34 LED lights effective up to 15 meters

      Memory: -Internal: None -External: Up to 32GB TF/Micro SD Card (not included) with auto-overwrite

      Transfer Interface: Mini USB

      Power: 100-240V AC Adapter

      Dimensions: 67 x 35 x 24 mm (L x W x D)

      Product Notes:
      Records when motion/heat source is detected  

      Includes a big lamp with 34 LED lights for recording at night 

      Supports up to 32GB TF micro SD card

      Auto-overwrites when the memory is full

      Records in 10 second files to save memory - immediately starts recording again when reactivated

      Package Including:
      1 * Intruder Deterrent

      1 * CD with Drivers

      1 * Mini USB Cable

      1 * Mounting Bracket

      1 * Mounting Screws

      1 * Power Adapter

      1 * User Manual


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      • Home Use Lighting Device With Intruder Deterrent Video Recorder
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      • Home Use Lighting Device With Intruder Deterrent Video Recorder
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