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  • images/v/720P-IR-Night-vision-WIFI-Alarm-Spy-clock-Camera-For-Andrond-and-IOS-A107-01.jpg.jpg
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HD 720P IR Night vision WIFI Alarm Spy clock Camera For Andrond and IOS

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      • HD 720P IR Night vision WIFI Alarm Spy clock Camera For Andrond and IOS

      WIFI camera setup instructions

      download real-time video monitoring software Mobile APP

      Apple phones go to the Apple APP Store System Search  English Camwf  free download APP software.

      Android phone or go to google Play store 360 phone search assistant English Camwf free download APP software.The default user name: admin   Password: 888888

      phone connection AP

      Charging operation

      Before first use, via PC USB adapter or the battery is fully charged. In the charged state, Power indicator (LED lamp) lights, charging is completed will automatically shut down.

      WIFI camera has two buttons, Multifunction key “L”, Restart button “T”, See product schematic.(3-2)

      WIFI camera boot,WIFI indicator flashes,Then the system will load the WiFi mode according to the last set of WiFi,Will follow the appropriate mode LED flashes,After waiting a long bright finished loading machine。You can open the phone open WIFI find (RT _ *****) at the beginning of the WIFI connection,Open the phone APP [ Camwf ]

      Restore the factory Settings

      Restore factory settings, please see the product schematic,The camera will automatically restart,And restore all settings to Factory state,Including passwords and WiFi mode (AP hot spot mode),The default user name:admin  Password:888888

      Camera parameters

      Image  Sensor : HD720P/30fps

      Audio : F2.2 FOV: 160 degree :25cm Infinity

      Wireless : IEEE802.11 b/g/n

      Wireless Mode : AP/STA

      PC WIFI Video : 720P 1280x720

      Mobile WIFI Video : 720P 1280x720,640x480,320x240

      Storage Media : Micro TF(32GB)

      Compression formats : H.264 Dual-stream

      SD video : Support wireless download the video to mobile phones


      Support: IOS, Android APP  XP,Win7 Please install the CD file

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      • HD 720P IR Night vision WIFI Alarm Spy clock Camera For Andrond and IOS
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