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  • HD 1080P Metal Sport Flashlight Hidden Spy Video Camera Support Video and photo
  • images/v/HD-1080P-Metal-Sport-Flashlight-Hidden-Spy-Video-Camera-Support-Video-and-photo-A1000-01.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/HD-1080P-Metal-Sport-Flashlight-Hidden-Spy-Video-Camera-Support-Video-and-photo-A1000-08.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/HD-1080P-Metal-Sport-Flashlight-Hidden-Spy-Video-Camera-Support-Video-and-photo-A1000-07.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/HD-1080P-Metal-Sport-Flashlight-Hidden-Spy-Video-Camera-Support-Video-and-photo-A1000-06.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/HD-1080P-Metal-Sport-Flashlight-Hidden-Spy-Video-Camera-Support-Video-and-photo-A1000-05.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/HD-1080P-Metal-Sport-Flashlight-Hidden-Spy-Video-Camera-Support-Video-and-photo-A1000-04.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/HD-1080P-Metal-Sport-Flashlight-Hidden-Spy-Video-Camera-Support-Video-and-photo-A1000-03.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/HD-1080P-Metal-Sport-Flashlight-Hidden-Spy-Video-Camera-Support-Video-and-photo-A1000-02.jpg.jpg

HD 1080P Metal Sport Flashlight Hidden Spy Video Camera Support Video and photo

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      • Description:
      • HD 1080P Metal Sport Flashlight Hidden Spy Video Camera Support Video and photo

      Product features

       1.light lamp, strong light, weak light, SOS emergency flashing.

       2.The metal shell, excellent workmanship.

       3.high definition video camera.

       4.Video resolution 1920*1080 30 frames per second video.

       5.Photo - 4032*3024

       6.The machine can support 32GB memory card.

       7.High capacity battery can be replaced.



         The battery can be replaced by the demolition of rechargeable lithium battery, the initial use of the machine, please first charge, from the bottom of the flashlight with adapter power supply, the machine began to charge.

      (Note: the battery charging, the need for timely, can not be repeated or start the torch, boot video camera)

      Flashlight switch

         Short press the torch light open button, about half a second, then open flashlight light mode. In the glare of open mode, then press the start button a flashlight switch, about half a second, weak light flashlight mode. Under the low light mode, and then a short press flashlight start button, about half a second, this time switching explosion flash mode, the light starts to flash continuously. In the flashing mode, short press the start button on the torch, about half a second, turn off the flashlight.

      Switch machine

         Boot: short press the switch button, about half a second to let go, now the indicating lamp is bright for a long, representatives have boot into standby.

         Shutdown: in the boot state, short press the switch button, about half a second to let go, when the lights go out, on behalf of the shutdown.

      (Note: in the boot state, such as the state does not enter the camera, the machine will automatically shut down after 1 minutes in order to play the role of battery protection.)

      Take photos

      In the boot, standby mode, short press photo camera button, about half a second to let go, the indicator light flashes about, on behalf of the shooting a photo and save the file, followed by the cycle can be repeated to take pictures.


      In the boot, standby state, long press camera key for about 2 seconds to let go indicating lamp flashing destroy, then representative into the camera state, then short press photo camera click, about half a second to let go, indicating lamp, on behalf of the stop the camera, and save the video file.


      When the machine crashes, can open the flashlight shell, remove the battery can be reset.

      Time modification and setting

      1.  Shutdown

      2.Connect the device to the computer USB.

      3.Open removable disk (TF memory card) in the computer

      4.Create an TXT document on a removable disk and name it time.txt

      5.Modify the current time in accordance with the following format

      2016.08.08 18:08:08

      6.Save and exit

      Related parameters

      Video format AVI

      video coding M-JPEG

      Video resolution 1920 * 1080

      Video frame rate 30fps

      Camera resolution 4032*3024

      Picture format JPG

      Image proportion 4:3

      Play software Operating system comes with or mainstream video player software

      support system Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista;Mac os;Linux;

      Charging voltage DC-5V

      Interface type Mini 8Pin USB

      Storage support TF memory card

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      • HD 1080P Metal Sport Flashlight Hidden Spy Video Camera Support Video and photo
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      • HD 1080P Metal Sport Flashlight Hidden Spy Video Camera Support Video and photo
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