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  • images/v/H264-1080P-HD-spy-carkey-Hidden-Keychain-camera-with-1.5-inch-LCD-screen-support-Video-playback-T192-02.jpg.jpg
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  • images/v/H264-1080P-HD-spy-carkey-Hidden-Keychain-camera-with-1.5-inch-LCD-screen-support-Video-playback-T192-03.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/H264-1080P-HD-spy-carkey-Hidden-Keychain-camera-with-1.5-inch-LCD-screen-support-Video-playback-T192-01.jpg.jpg

H264 1080P HD spy carkey Hidden Keychain camera with 1.5 inch LCD screen support Video playback

  • item#: 201706020002
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      • Description:
      • H264 1080P HD spy carkey Hidden Keychain camera with 1.5 inch LCD screen support Video playback

      1.5'TFT HD screen, with clock function; with built-in speaker, it is able to playback video at any time; lightweight, portable and applicable to digital monitoring of many fields such as law enforcement record, meeting record, lecture record, drive record, sports record and family record; H.264 MOV compression decoding and 1080P videoing all-in-one portable DV; 128G TF card supported at most; HD effect of recorded video; with built-in battery reaching 1,500 mA, it is available to realize 150 min (2.5 h) ultra-long uninterrupted shooting; configured with the US OV4689 SENSOR and Taiwan imported 5 G lens, it can generate full HD picture effect; it has high requirement for TF card: 8 GB TF card supported at least and C10 card prioritized.


      1.5'TFT HD screen, with clock function

      With built-in speaker, it is able to playback video at any time

      1080P H.264 MOV compression decoding format

      High-end brilliant black shell

      Video format: 1920X1080P

      Camera mode: 12M (4032X3024)

      USB 2.0 interface featured by high-speed transmission

      Support max. 128G T-flash card

      Built-in lithium battery 1500mA; continuous shooting for up to 150 minutes or about2.5 hours.

      Operation Guide


      This machine is designed with built-in rechargeable lithium battery; where it is used initially, charge it with methods below:

      1) Charging through connecting with computer or USB DC mobile power.

      2) Charging while recording.

      3) Card-mounted charging: After inserting USB, screen will display electronic clock and there will be a red point (charging while recording function) at the upper left signifying 1080P video recording; after pressing C key once manually, the red point will disappear and then the videoing will be stopped, which means this machine is charged only; this machine will be fully charged when charging symbol is off. It costs around 3 h to charge 1500 battery fully.

      4) Charging with no memory TF card: While charging without TF card, there will be clock on screen and battery charging symbol at upper right quarter; charging will be stopped when battery symbol displays the machine is fully charged.

      Note: 1. In case of low battery, DV will be shut down directly and enter protection state, under the premise that recorded files (those having been saved and those being recorded upon shutdown) are saved. At this time, this machine is required to be charged.

      2. After pressing A key for manual startup (with or without card), clock will be standby all the time; press A key again for once to make screen off, so as to save power. If there is not any action, the clock will be standby until battery is exhausted.


      Upon initial use, you are required to format TF card through this machine. After inserting TF card and starting this machine, keep pressing C key for around 3 s when clock mode appears. After entering DV picture, sub-menu will appear by pressing A key once or twice; then press B and D up/down keys to select content required to be formatted and press C key to determine formatting.

      1080P videoing:

      After pressing C key once under clock standby mode upon startup, red lamp in the upper left of screen will be on, which means1080 videoing; with play time for 5 min, videos will be packed, sectioned and saved automatically and recording will circulate continuously. After clicking again, recording will be stopped and red point will disappear.

      12 mega pixel photographing:

      Under clock mode upon startup, click D key once and blue point will appear once on screen, which means one photo has been taken; the 12 mega pixel (4,032X3,024) photo will be saved automatically and red lamp standby mode will be returned to; press again and another photo will be taken.

      Audio playback:

      Under clock mode, press D key once to enter playback mode after long pressing C key for 2 s to enter DV picture; then press B and D keys to scan up and down and press C key to determine playback.

      Exit playback:

      Long press D key for more than 2 s to exit playback mode and return to DV mode.

      Enter menu:

      Click A key once or twice to enter submenu after long pressing C key for around 3 s to enter DV picture in clock picture; press B and D keys to scan menu up and down and press C key to select the required function.

      Menu setting:

      In menu, there are many kinds of languages for clock setting, mobile detection setting, circulation setting, TV setting and formatting TF card setting.

      Computer connection:

      Under power-on and power-off status, the DV can be directly connected to computer. After connecting to computer, the DV can be used as U Disk. Users can copy, cut, paste and delete files or format U Disk.

      Insert the DV into computer USB port, the computer will pop up removable disk logo after several seconds and indicators will be on. At that time, USB device can be used for data transmission. At the same time, the DV is being charged.

      Tips: a. After connecting to computer, if the computer does not pop up removable disk logo for more than one minute (depending on the card memory size, the bigger the memory is, the lower the reading speed is), please insert it again.

      b. It is recommended to use T card reader to directly read video files for playing back. Playing back the video files saved in the DV directly by connecting USB may cause unsmooth effect for the transmission cannot keep up due to large data amount.


      When the DV crashes, the button is valid for normal use, users can use a sharp object to insert into the reset hole for resetting the DV. After resetting, the DV can be normally used.


      If shutdown is required under videoing and photographing functional modes, long pressure ON/OFF key for 2 or 3 s.

      After inserting this machine into computer USB port, computer will pop up removable disk sign in several seconds; when indicator lamp is on and USB is recognized, data transmission can be started and meanwhile, this machine will be charged

      Item Relevant Parameter

      Video Format MOV

      Video Code H.264

      Video Resolution Ratio 1920X1080P

      Video Frame Rate 30 fps

      Play Software Operating system-attached or mainstream video play software

      Picture Format JPG

      Imaging Scale 4:3

      Supporting System Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista; Mac os; Linux;

      Battery Capacity 1500mAh

      Working Time Around 150 min

      Charging Voltage DC-5V

      Interface Type Mini 5Pin USB

      Storage Support TF card

      Battery Type High-capacity polymer lithium battery

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