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  • images/v/Full-HD-1080P-Spy-Sunglass-Video-camera-support-Video-and-photo-4-color-can-choice-2016-01.JPG.jpg
  • images/v/Full-HD-1080P-Spy-Sunglass-Video-camera-support-Video-and-photo-4-color-can-choice-2016-02.JPG.jpg
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  • images/v/Full-HD-1080P-Spy-Sunglass-Video-camera-support-Video-and-photo-4-color-can-choice-2016-04.JPG.jpg
  • images/v/Full-HD-1080P-Spy-Sunglass-Video-camera-support-Video-and-photo-4-color-can-choice-2016-08.JPG.jpg
  • images/v/Full-HD-1080P-Spy-Sunglass-Video-camera-support-Video-and-photo-4-color-can-choice-2016-07.JPG.jpg
  • images/v/Full-HD-1080P-Spy-Sunglass-Video-camera-support-Video-and-photo-4-color-can-choice-2016-05.JPG.jpg
  • images/v/Full-HD-1080P-Spy-Sunglass-Video-camera-support-Video-and-photo-4-color-can-choice-2016-06.JPG.jpg

Full HD 1080P Spy Sunglass Video camera support Video and photo 4 color can choice

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      • Description:
      • Full HD 1080P Spy Sunglass Video camera support Video and photo 4 color can choice

      Product Description 

      This product is high-definition glasses with digital camera, to shoot high-definition video, it is simple to use,delicate appearance, practical and portable,very popular for home security , education , family life ,outdoor sports etc. 

      Operating instructions

      1. Power on

      Long press power button, red and blue lights on. After initialize have steady blue lights. It enters the standby mode. ( If not inserting any memory card, the two lights blinking interchange and shuts off automatically after 30seconds ).

      2. Power off : device will shuts off after 1min. Without any operation . 

      3. Record video

        Short press Video button one time, blue light blinking 3 times then starts recording video. Short press video button 1 time again to stop, blue light blinking 1 time then save a *.AVI video file. It enters into standby mode.

      4. Take photo

      Short press power button one time, blue light blinking 3 times and start to take photos. Long press the power button to stop photo mode. 

      5. Slots

       USB slot: To connect to PC to transfer files and charge.

       TF slot: To insert memory card for saving photo and video files.

      Removable disk

      According to the different computer configuration or system, identify the removable disk will be slightly different, please be patient, If it does not automatically pop up – Try to plug out and plug in the USB cable from the computer and glasses and make sure the USB drive is properly inserted into the USB slot.


      Please fully charge the device before the first time using . There two ways for charging:

      1. Connect The device directly to the USB port on your computer by using the included USB cable . Make sure your computer is powered on . The device will automatically charge and the blue indicator blinking . Allow to charge for a minimum of 1.5 hours (until the indicator light turns solid red.)

      2. Charge with a AC adapter (not included in the packing , for optional only )

      Set Date and time:

      Setting the time and date stamp on your device is easy. The date and time will be revised for video and photo in next recording. 

      To change the time and date you must create a time document,we can provided to you by mail .

      1.Plug in the USB cable to the Glasses and to the computer

      2.Left click My Computer or Computer

      3.The glasses will be recognize as Removable Disk Drive

      4. Double left click on Removable Disk Drive and it will bring up the DCIM folder but do not open it

       5. You should now create New Text named “time”

      6.Double left click on the :”time.txt”  document 

      7.Type in the current year.month.day.hour:minute:seconds

      For example:

      2015.01.15 12:10:15

      8. Go to File and Save,then close file , done.

      Exception handling:

      1.Blue light blinking incessantly : check if the TF card properly inserted or good.

      2.Camera stop response because of improper operation or other special reasons , please reset and restart.

      3. Device won’t turn on: check battery enough or not ; reset , turn off and restart.

      4. Don't recording: check TF card good or not.

      5. Can’t connect to computer: please make sure your operating system, drivers, USB interface, connecting line are OK . 

      Technical data 

      Item Specification 

      video format AVI

      Video coding MJPEG

      The video resolution 1920*1080    1280*720

      video frame rate 20~30fps

      Player software The operating system or bring the mainstream video player software

      Image format JPG 4032*3024 

      Image 5M  pix

      Image scale 16:9

      Support system Windows me/2000 xp 2003/vista:M

      Battery capacity 250mAh

      Charging voltage DC-5V

      USB interface type MINI 8pin USB

      Storage support micro SD card


      battery high capacity polymer lithium battery

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      • Full HD 1080P Spy Sunglass Video camera support Video and photo 4 color can choice
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