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  • images/v/8X-Monocular-Bionic-Ear-100M-Sound-Amplifier-Bird-Voice-listen-Bug-with-Voice-recorder-07.jpg.jpg
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  • images/v/8X-Monocular-Bionic-Ear-100M-Sound-Amplifier-Bird-Voice-listen-Bug-with-Voice-recorder-01.jpg.jpg

8X Monocular Bionic Ear 100M Sound Amplifier Bird Voice Listen bug with Voice recorder

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      • Description:
      • 8X Monocular Bionic Ear 100M Sound Amplifier Bird Voice Listen bug with Voice recorder

      The product is a versatile device for which you will soon find a variety ofuses.
      It is ideal for studying birds and wildlife. The powerful viewing optics make subjects apper 8 times closer.
      The sound detecting system is powerful enough to pick up a human conversation at a distance of 100 meters or more. Faint dird songs are readily detected.
      Recordings can be made on the digital recording chip for playback or for transfer to a standard tape recorder. Each record time is 30 seconds!
      Battery information:
      This unit uses one 9 volt battery. Always use a fresh battery. If the unit will not be used for an extended term remove the battery. Do not try and recharge a nonrechargeable battery. Do not take a battery apart. Do not short circuit the terminals. Do not dispose of battery in fire, It may explode.
      1)Carefully remove the components from the box.
      2)The parabolic dish should be oriented so that the two support stands are on the bottom and the viewer hole is at the top of the dish.
      3)The transparent parabolic dish is attached to the front of the product by squeezing gently on the two tabs at the front of the unit and pushing dish over the two locking tabs as shown in Picture
      1)This unit is powered by one 9 volt alkaline battery.
      2)Using a Phillips head (+) screwdriveer,loosen the screw and open the battery comartment cover.See Picture 2.
      3)Insert a fresh 9 volt battery and snap the (+) and (-) terminals to the unit’s battery clip.Do not try and reverse the terminals,The battery will only fit one way.
      4)Close the battery compartment cover and tighten the retaining screw.
      The unit is now ready for use.
      The product uses a sophisticated 8 power roof prism optical system. See Picture 3. Object appear 8 times closer than seen by the unaided eye.Look towards the subject you wish to observe and turn the focusing ring until you see clearly.
      The viewer is equipped with a fold-down rubber eyecup. When this eyecup is rolled down eyeglass wearers will be able to see the entire viewing area.
      1)Plug the headphone into the head phone jack. See Picture 4.
      2)Aim the unit at the desired subject.
      3)Squeeze the on/off switch. You will now hear an amazing wealth of amplified sound.
      When you are listening to amplified sounds you may notice that unwanted background noises,such as the rumble of traffic,is annoyingly loud.
      The frequency controller (See Picture 5 ) can reduct these unwanted sounds.
      While listening,simply turn the frequency controller dial until you achieve the desired noise reduction.
      Your product is equipped with a digital recording chip that can capture approximately 12/30 seconds of sound.
      To activate the recording function,simply push the RECORD button (Picture 6 ) on the right side of the unit. A red LED light stay lit while the recording is taking place.
      To hear the recorded sound press the PLAY button.(See Picture 6 ) . The sound will be heard through the headphones.
      When you push the RECORD button again you will lose any previously recorded sound.
      Any sounds the you record can be transferred to any standard tape recorder. Simply use a patch cord with a male 1/8″mini plug at each end. Insert one end of the recorder’s LINE IN or MIC plug.
      Turn on the tape recorder’s RECRD function and then push the PLAY button. When the red LED indicator goes out the play sequence is finished. If your tape recorder has a monittor function;that is if the recorder’s earphone jack let’s you hear sounds as they are being recorded you can record longer sound ciips by plugging a patch cord into the earphone jack an recorder’s LINE IN or MIC jack,and plugging the tape recorder to RECORD. You will then be able to record onto tape as long as you hold in the instruction’s trigger switch.
      Methods of transferring sounds to comuter:Use 1/8″transferring wire of which the length can be adjusted in accord with individual operations.Such wire is just the attached together with this type of products,specializing to supply the computer users or persons who need to transfer sounds.

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