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  • 720P IR night vision PIR Motion Detection Home Security Video recorder Max 32G
  • images/v/720P-IR-night-vision-PIR-Motion-Detection-Home-Security-Video-recorder-Max-32G-YT003-01.jpg.jpg
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720P IR night vision PIR Motion Detection Home Security Video recorder Max 32G

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      • Description:
      • 720P IR night vision PIR Motion Detection Home Security Video recorder Max 32G

      1. Operation guide
      1. Charging:
      Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, When using the unit for the first time, please charge it first.
      Can be charged in the following ways:
      1), Connect to the computer to charge, connect to the computer with a USB cable, and you can charge.
      2), Charge with the charger, connect to the charger base with the USB cable, and plug the charger into the power socket to charge.
      3), When charging, the battery indicator on the bottom will light red, indicating that it is charging. When the battery is full, the red indicator will go out.
      4),During normal use, if the battery indicator on the bottom is lit yellow, it means low battery, it will not work normally, please use it after charging.
      Note: When the battery is low, it will enter the protection state directly and will not boot. In this case, charge the unit.
      2.Boot and video
      Press and hold the power switch for 2 seconds, the recording indicator only has blue light, and the unit is in standby mode. The camera detects the movement of the human body, the blue light of the recording indicator is always on and the red light is flashing, and the camera starts to shoot. Recording file resolution: 1280*720. Short press the power switch for 1 second, the recording indicator only has blue light, stop recording, and save the file automatically. To continue recording, please press the short power switch again for 1 second.
      a. Make sure that the T-flash (Micro SD) card is inserted in the unit. If the card is not inserted, it will not be recorded.
      b. The maximum usage capacity of T-flash (Micro SD) is 32GB
      c. It takes a certain amount of time to save the file. Do not press the operation button continuously during saving. This will result in the recorded file not being saved smoothly and the generated file will be incomplete.
      d. In a well-lit environment, aim the lens at the subject and keep it at a distance of 50cm or more. This will result in an image with correct color, natural scenery, clear picture and stable picture.
      2.Turn off the recording indicator
      During normal operation, drag the indicator switch to the left and the recording indicator is off. To turn on the recording indicator, drag the indicator switch to the right.
      3. Reset:
      When the unit is not working properly due to illegal operation or other unknown reasons, the product needs to be reset.
      The specific operation method is as follows: Press the reset button directly with the thin rod to realize a reset operation.
      4. Shut down
      In the camera state or standby mode, press the power switch for two seconds, release the button, the recording indicator is off, indicating that the machine has been turned off.
      5. time setting
      1, connect to the computer, a text file named time.txt will be automatically generated in the root directory of the card.
      2, open the time.txt document, strictly follow the format in the document, write the time to be synchronized
      The specific format is as follows: 2014/01/01 12:00:00 y
      When the camera is fully charged, set the time once, unless the camera is running out of power, you don't need to set the time again!
      6. Loop recording:
      Video clip is a video file for one minute, After the memory card stores the full video, the subsequent video file will automatically loop over the previous video file.
      7. Automatic capture:
      Each time a video file is generated, the first screen is captured and an image file is generated.
      8. Precautions
      Use occasions: Please strictly abide by the relevant laws of the country and may not use this product for any illegal purposes, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.
      Working temperature: Please use at natural temperature, do not work at temperatures that the human body cannot adapt.
      Working humidity: Please use it under the humidity of human beings. Do not put the product in a humid working environment. The product does not have waterproof function. Please avoid letting the product splash or expose it to rain.
      Photographic illumination: Please use it in an environment with sufficient light source. Do not point the camera directly at a strong light source such as the sun to avoid damage to the optics.
      Cleaning requirements: Do not use in an environment with excessive dust density, so as to avoid dust on the lens and other components, affecting the camera effect.
      Disposal: Please pay attention to environmental protection, do not discard this product. It is forbidden to throw this product into the fire to avoid an explosion.
      3.Related parameters
      Related parameters
      Video format MP4
      Video coding M- JPEG
      Video resolution 1920*1080  VGA
      Photo resolution 1920*1080 VGA
      Video frame rate 30fps±1fps
      Playback software Operating system comes with or mainstream audio and video playback software
      Image ratio 16:9   4:3
      support system Windows me/2000/XP/2003/vista:Mac os10.4;
      Charging voltage DC-5V
      Interface Type Mini 5Pin USB
      Storage support Micro SD Card(TF Card)
      type of battery High capacity polymer lithium battery

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      • 720P IR night vision PIR Motion Detection Home Security Video recorder Max 32G
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