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  • 5MP 200X Digital Wireless Portable USB Endoscope Microscope
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5MP 200X Digital Wireless Portable USB Endoscope Microscope

  • item#: 230145
  • Wholesale from: 1 Unit(s)
  • This item is:

      • Description:
      • 5MP 200X Digital Wireless Portable USB Endoscope Microscope

      This USB Wireless Portable endoscope owns surprisingly wide applications: Industry, Agriculture, Academic Sector, Judiciary, Medicine, Gardening, Consumer Area....


      * Supports photo taking and video recording.
      * Magnification adjustable from 1/20-200X magnification.
      * 5 mega pixels high definition.
      * Manual focusing.
      * Extremely long time (11 hours) video recording up to 3.6G.
      * Supports Windows 7/XP/Vista/MAC/Linux.
      * Can replay, edit, and store picture and video information through PC.
      * With extremely long, foldable, flexible tube.
      * Adjustable LED illumination.
      * Works as a microscope, endoscope....
      * Multifunctional:
      Industry: Research of textile, concrete, antiques, jewelery, PCB....
      Agriculture: Inspection of the status of crops, soil....
      Gardening: Observation of the status of plants and trees.
      Academic Area: Laboratory, teaching, research, etc.
      Judiciary: Crime Scene Inspection including blood, foot print, fingerprint, and so on.
      Medicine: Examine of skin, hair and so on.
      Comsumer Area: Maintenance of various machines such as TV, PC, car etc., pipeline repairing....
      * Easy operation.
      * Portable and compact design, easy to carry and handle.


      * Operation systems: Windows 7/XP/Vista/MAC/Linux (driver free for all these systems except for SP1)
      * Magnifications: 1/20-200 times (adjustable)
      * Photograph: Anti-Tremble picture capturing function
      * Focusing: Auto and manual focusing
      * Light sourse: Adjustable LED illumination (USB interface)
      * Pixels: 1.3-5m
      * Display speed: 30fps
      * Interface: USB 2.0
      * Product size: 670.5*7mm (L*D)
      * Package size: 690*97*54mm
      * Net weight: 663g
      * Package weight: 693g

      Package including:

      1 * Digital Wireless Portable USB Endoscope Microscope 500MP 200X
      1 * CD
      1 * User manual

      This item owns NO built-in memory, it can work (play, store, edit...) properly through a PC.


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      • 5MP 200X Digital Wireless Portable USB Endoscope Microscope
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