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  • images/v/4000-Mah-1080P-WIFI-Power-bank-Spy-Hidden-camera-for-Android-and-IOS-Max-support-64GB-03.jpg.jpg
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  • images/v/4000-Mah-1080P-WIFI-Power-bank-Spy-Hidden-camera-for-Android-and-IOS-Max-support-64GB-04.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/4000-Mah-1080P-WIFI-Power-bank-Spy-Hidden-camera-for-Android-and-IOS-Max-support-64GB-02.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/4000-Mah-1080P-WIFI-Power-bank-Spy-Hidden-camera-for-Android-and-IOS-Max-support-64GB-01.jpg.jpg

4000 Mah 1080P WIFI Power bank Spy Hidden camera for Android and IOS Max support 64GB

  • item#: 201603040003
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      • Description:
      • 4000 Mah 1080P WIFI Power bank Spy Hidden camera for Android and IOS Max support 64GB

      This product is a HD (1080P),25pfs, network surveillance Power bank Hidden camera with an external micro SD card and a multi-functional high-tech product with functions of video recording, photographing, motion detection, alarm, APP real-time monitoring . It  has functions of 2 megapixel HD recording. Also support multi-language voice time reporting. It supports up to 64GB micro SDcard, uninterruptible long-time work and with APP convenient control. Moreover, it works as the best anti-theft and evidence-gathering tool with hidden camera. 

      new design easy to carry;

      Large battery capacity can work long hours;

      With hidden video function; 

      Working while charging

      Real power bank function

      Flash Light

      Main function description

      1.Time setting

      Open system management page——click time setting——select time zone——synchronize with host ——save.

      2. Administrator password setting

      Open “change password” ——type in the new password——confirm the new password——save.

      3.Change the password of device (original password: 8888)

      Open “network setting” ——P2P setting——type in the new password——save——return to system management to reboot the device. (it can also be set remotely by APP).

      4.Alarm setting

      Open “alarm setting” ——start alarm setting——click IP Camera built-in——select the required sensitivity. (Option 6 is suggested)

      5. SD card setting

      SD card should be formatted for the first time to insert——enter in SD card setting to select the needed function before setting other functions.

      6. View the content of SD card

         method 1:Plug out the card and read with a card reader.

         method 2:IE client——setting——SD card recording——SD files——select the file to download .


      Pixl 2.0 megapixel CMOS

      Resolution 1080P

      Video format ASF/AVI

      Frames 25

      View angle 120°

      Distance of motion detection shooting 6 m straight-line distance

      Power supply lithium-battery

      Continuous recording time 2 hours

      Compressed format H.264

      Sound recording range 5㎡

      Power consumption 260mA/3.7V

      Storage temperature -20-80℃

      Operating temperature -10-60℃

      Operating humidity 15-85%RH

      Type of memory card Micro SD card

      Maximum capacity of memory card 64GB

      Play software VLCPlayer/SMPlayer

      Computer operation system Windows/Mac OS X

      Mobile phone operation system Android/iOS

      Web browser IE7 and above,chrome,Firefox safari.etc

      support limited pieces client software online at same time 4 client software online the same time

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      • 4000 Mah 1080P WIFI Power bank Spy Hidden camera for Android and IOS Max support 64GB
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