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  • 1080P White water bottle spy camera video recorder with Motion detection max 32GB
  • images/v/1080P-White-water-bottle-spy-camera-video-recorder-with-Motion-detection-max-32GB-XT-07.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-White-water-bottle-spy-camera-video-recorder-with-Motion-detection-max-32GB-XT-06.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-White-water-bottle-spy-camera-video-recorder-with-Motion-detection-max-32GB-XT-05.jpg.jpg
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  • images/v/1080P-White-water-bottle-spy-camera-video-recorder-with-Motion-detection-max-32GB-XT-03.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-White-water-bottle-spy-camera-video-recorder-with-Motion-detection-max-32GB-XT-02.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-White-water-bottle-spy-camera-video-recorder-with-Motion-detection-max-32GB-XT-01.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-White-water-bottle-spy-camera-video-recorder-with-Motion-detection-max-32GB-XT-08.jpg.jpg

1080P White water bottle spy camera video recorder with Motion detection max 32GB

  • item#: 201805110003
  • Wholesale from: 1 Unit(s)

      • Description:
      • 1080P White water bottle spy camera video recorder with Motion detection max 32GB

      1080P HD Video Recording
      Includes Motion Activated Mode
      Supports up to 32GB Micro SD Card
      Designed as a typical water bottle
      Perfect for covert, portable surveillance

      Use of the device
      Inserting the memory card
      NOTE:  A Micro SD memory card must be installed before operating the camera function of the device. Press the card into the Micro SD card slot until you hear a click tone. To remove the memory card, push it. Then it will slide partially out of the device.
      Video recording: Set operation switch to V position, long press power key, PINK LED will turn on firstly, then RED LED flashes 3x and turns off. Camera enters into video recording mode. The video will be saved automatically.
      Motion detection: Set the switch to MD position, long press power key, PINK LED will turn on firstly, then BLUE Flashes 3x and turns off. Camera enters into motion detection mode. When a motion is detected,  the video will be recorded and saved automatically.
      Note: Maximum file length of video recording is 3 minutes, after that a new file is created. After 1 minute without any operation the camera will automatically power off.
      Support loop recording: When the memory card is full, it will automatically delete the first videos and continue to record.
      Recording while charging :  5 seconds after connected to the adapter, same operation with normal using.
      Turn off camera: Long press power key , PINK LED flashes 3 x and turns off. The camera turns off.
      Connecting with PC: Power off the device then connect it with PC using USB cable. Do not have any operation on the device during this connection. If the device is not read by PC, please re-connect and make sure the USB driver/cable is alright.
      Charging the device: Connect the Micro USB port of the charging cable to the device. Then connect the USB port of the charging cable to the USB port of an AC adapter .During charging the PINK LED is flashing. When it is fully charged, PINK LED will steady on.
      Reset: To reset camera, insert a pin into the reset hole and hold for about 2 seconds. After 1 minute, the camera is reset.
      Set Date and Time stamp
      The date and time will be revised for video in next recording.
      1. Plug in the USB cable to the camera and to the computer.
      2. Go to <My Computer> or Computer or Explorer.
      3. The camera will be recognized as removable Disk Drive.
      4. Double left click on removable Disk Drive and it will bring up the Video folder. DO NOT OPEN IT !
      5. Edit the text document named“time”by double left click on the “time.txt”document.
      6. Fill in the current Year-Month-Day hour:minute:seconds [eg: 2018-01-01 12:00:00 Y] (Change“Y” to “N”, the time stamp will not show up)
      Go to File and Save, then close file.
      Power off the device and restart. The device now has the current date and the current time.

      Technical specifications
      Video resolution 1920x1080 AVI format @ 30fps
      Viewing angle 75° horizontal
      Operating systems  Windows 7 /  8  / 10 / Mac OS
      Playback software VLC Player /Windows Media player/KM Player
      Working temperature 0°C to +40°C
      Power supply Rechargeable lithium battery, 400 mAh

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      • 1080P White water bottle spy camera video recorder with Motion detection max 32GB
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      • 1080P White water bottle spy camera video recorder with Motion detection max 32GB
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