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  • images/v/1080P-Spy-U-disk-Mini-camera-USB-video-recorder-support-photo-and-video-work-on-charger-08.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Spy-U-disk-Mini-camera-USB-video-recorder-support-photo-and-video-work-on-charger-07.jpg.jpg
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  • images/v/1080P-Spy-U-disk-Mini-camera-USB-video-recorder-support-photo-and-video-work-on-charger-03.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Spy-U-disk-Mini-camera-USB-video-recorder-support-photo-and-video-work-on-charger-01.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Spy-U-disk-Mini-camera-USB-video-recorder-support-photo-and-video-work-on-charger-05.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Spy-U-disk-Mini-camera-USB-video-recorder-support-photo-and-video-work-on-charger-02.jpg.jpg

1080P Spy U disk Mini camera USB video recorder support photo and video work on charger

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      • Description:
      • 1080P Spy U disk Mini camera USB video recorder support photo and video work on charger

      Basic Functions

      1.Turn on:press the button for 3 seconds,the indicator light(red) flashing one times, after long light. this product to enter standby mode, wait for the user keystrokes.

      No card: lights flash 3 times this product after shutdown.full Card :indicator light flash 6 times this product after power off.

      2.take photos: in standby mode, short press one button, indicator light from red to blue, to red again that enter standby mode, is save the photos in TF card.

      3.video: standby mode, long press button 1 SEC,blue flashing three times, camera began to video.lights don't flash on recording process. Short press again, the blue lights flashing a long to red,the video is saved and enter the standby mode.

      4.stop video: in the process of video, short press the button, this product to stop the video, and save the video file after return to standby mode.In the process of video, long press the button for 3 seconds, this product to stop the video, and save the video files immediately after shutdown.

      5. Turn off: In standby mode, the indicator light flashes for two times after a long press 5 times later and then DV will shut off. In standby mode and without any press of the button, DV will shut off automatically to save powers after 1minute.are saved. In video mode, a short press of the button will suspend videos. DV will shut off after

      the video files are saved.

      6.U disk mode: when the product is turned off,with a USB cable to connect the product to the computer, this product into the U disk mode, the user can view the contents of the USB drive in a computer and video video.

      7, time Settings: this product has the video recording and time synchronization, time calibration can be modified according to your own requirements.Specific operation is as follows:

      8. low electricity: in order to guarantee security of the video file, this product is in use process, can automatically detect the built-in battery power, if

      the battery is not enough, this product in double lights flashing Will immediately shut down after 3 times.

      9.charging: user can use USB cable to connect this product to a computer or other 5 v charger, this product can be charging, flash said it was charging indicator light slow, full of light after long light.After each use of the battery recharging, about 1 hour can complete , full of light after light.

      The charging time is 2-3hours.

      10.Record while charging:Users can record videos while DV is charged. When DV is turned on, users can connect it to a computer by a USB cable.At this time, DV will be in this mode rather than U-disk mode.

      11.LED instructions:

      No card: the LED flash 3 times after power off.Card up: the LED flash 6 times after power off.Standby: red light LED grow light.In process of the video: the LED flash.

      The double low electricity: LED lights flash 3 times after shutdown.

      Charging: LED flash said it was charging, red light slow long after the red light bright.

      Relevant Parameters

      Items Relevant Parameters

      Video Formats AVI

      Video Resolution 1920*1080

      Picture Resolution 2592*1944

      Frame Rate of Video 30fps

      Media Players Installed in operating system or mainstream media players

      Picture Formats JPG

      Working time of battery  50 minutes

      Charging Voltage DC-5V

      Types of Ports USB 2.0

      Types of Saving TF card (Supports 64GB )

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      • 1080P Spy U disk Mini camera USB video recorder support photo and video work on charger
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      • 1080P Spy U disk Mini camera USB video recorder support photo and video work on charger
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