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  • 1080P Remote controller IR Night vision Spy clock Hidden Camera Video recorder Motion detection Max 32GB
  • images/v/1080P-Remote-controller-IR-Night-version-Spy-clock-Hidden-Camera-Video-recorder-Motion-detection-Max-32GB-alarm-05.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Remote-controller-IR-Night-version-Spy-clock-Hidden-Camera-Video-recorder-Motion-detection-Max-32GB-alarm-01.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Remote-controller-IR-Night-version-Spy-clock-Hidden-Camera-Video-recorder-Motion-detection-Max-32GB-alarm-02.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Remote-controller-IR-Night-version-Spy-clock-Hidden-Camera-Video-recorder-Motion-detection-Max-32GB-alarm-03.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Remote-controller-IR-Night-version-Spy-clock-Hidden-Camera-Video-recorder-Motion-detection-Max-32GB-alarm-04.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Remote-controller-IR-Night-version-Spy-clock-Hidden-Camera-Video-recorder-Motion-detection-Max-32GB-alarm-06.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Remote-controller-IR-Night-version-Spy-clock-Hidden-Camera-Video-recorder-Motion-detection-Max-32GB-alarm-07.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Remote-controller-IR-Night-version-Spy-clock-Hidden-Camera-Video-recorder-Motion-detection-Max-32GB-alarm-08.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Remote-controller-IR-Night-version-Spy-clock-Hidden-Camera-Video-recorder-Motion-detection-Max-32GB-alarm-09.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Remote-controller-IR-Night-version-Spy-clock-Hidden-Camera-Video-recorder-Motion-detection-Max-32GB-alarm-10.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Remote-controller-IR-Night-version-Spy-clock-Hidden-Camera-Video-recorder-Motion-detection-Max-32GB-alarm-12.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-Remote-controller-IR-Night-version-Spy-clock-Hidden-Camera-Video-recorder-Motion-detection-Max-32GB-alarm-11.jpg.jpg

1080P Remote controller IR Night vision Spy clock Hidden Camera Video recorder Motion detection Max 32GB

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      • Description:
      • 1080P Remote controller IR Night vision Spy clock Hidden Camera Video recorder Motion detection Max 32GB

      Operating instruction

      Open back cover , plug TF card and turn “ON” switch.

      1. Long press switch (remote control A button ), red and blue light on,After the initialization blue light turn on steady , enter into photo taking standby mode .Blue lights on is camera in standby mode, other modes can short press switch to enter the camera in standby mode;

      Red lights on is video recording mode,other modes can short press KEY1 to enter photo taking mode;

      Red and blue lights on is motion detection mode , other modes can short press KEY2 to enter photo taking standby mode.

      2. Under standby mode,long press power on/off switch (or remote control A button), red and blue light same time 2second then turn off . 

      3. Photo taking : photo standby mode, short press switch (A button) enter into automatic photo taking mode ,taking 1 photo every 10 second ,short press switch (A button) enter into standby mode.

      4. Video recording : Video recording mode ,press uKEY1 (B button), blue light off, red light flash twice then off enter into video recording . Short press KEY1 (B button) , red and blue light on at same time to save video , blue light steady on into standby model .

      5. Motion detection : Under motion detection standby mode, short press KEY2 (C button),red and blue flash twice enter into motion detection mode. Short press KEY2 (C button) ,blue light steady on , xit motion detection mode .

      6. Recording video while charging : Switch off mode, while USB connect charger ,can record video while charging, same way as normal .

      7. Infra-Red Mode: under any mode after switch on , short press D button on remote control, red light flash twice open infrared light, flash once close infrared light, device itself can not operate this function .

      8. Video recording time: This device support loop video ,video save in every 10minutes . 

      Normal video motion detection video save in every 10 minutes.

      9. USB mode : connect computer enter into USB disk mode.

      USB mode to charging ,blue light slow flash when charging, blue light steady on when fully charged.

      10. When no card while switch on , red light flash 10 second then switch off.

      11. While working ,red light flash 10 second and power off when low battery .



      Video: 1920*1080   

      image:  2560*1440

      Video format AVI

      Frames ≈30fps

      Continuous recording time 7 hours 

      Remote control distance 10m(open space)

      Power consumption 160MA/3.7V(video along)150MA/3.7V(ir alone)30MA/3.7V(clock alone)

      Memory card type TF card(high speed, up to Class 6 )

      Maximum capacity of memory card 32GB

      Play software edia player/KMplayer

      Computer operation system 2000/XP/Win7/8

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      • 1080P Remote controller IR Night vision Spy clock Hidden Camera Video recorder Motion detection Max 32GB
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      • 1080P Remote controller IR Night vision Spy clock Hidden Camera Video recorder Motion detection Max 32GB
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