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1080P Remote controler clock Spy camera Support photo video and Motion Detection

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      • 1080P Remote controler clock Spy camera Support photo video and Motion Detection

      DV Function Introduction

      This product is a  multifuctional HD1080P@30fps clock provides the DV functions including video,audio,motion detection,movable disc.It supports TF Card and remote control function. The max, memory can be upto 32GB,the high capacity battery provide the enough power for long time recording. Just because of this many functions and features, it can be used as home security monitor.

      HOT Sale

      5.0 Mega Pixels CMOS Sensor,Truly HD Video Recording Function.

      Ultra clear lens OV9712 makes the effect more clearly.

      Zip file feature that allows more storage space.

      Shooting continuously up to 8 hours and can support high-capacity battery.

      Appearance design is exquisite and meticulous,

      Exquisite and meticulous appearance design is more concealed.

      Hidden lens let you rest assured to use anytime and anywhere .

      Hidden switch designed make your manipulation experience more science and technology.

      Full HD 1080 taking photo and video recording are clearer and more fluid.

      Brand new high-speed USB interface design connected directly to the computer to access the data.

      Supporting HD webcam function, face to face to experience clear world.

      Supporting high-capacity storage, maximum support 32G.

      Powerful functionality with photographic sound recording, take photo and motion detection function etc.

      External storage design is more practical and convenient, the information is more secure.

      Motion detection function doesn’t to miss splendid moment.

      Built-in high capacity lithium battery can be used repeatedly and cycle .

      (1)Turn On

      Open the right side lid of camera,insert the TF card,push the button to ON.

      (2) Press the button"A"on remote control untile the Red indicator is burning.It enters into the Standby Status.

      (3)Press the button"C" to enter into the Video Status.The Red Indicator is off after it quick flashes two time.Press the button "C"again to stop video.The Red Indicator is burning.

      (4) Press the button"B" to shoot a image,the Red indicator will flash one time.

      (5)Press the button"D" to start motion detection function,press and release the button again to stop it.The red indicator will be burning.

      (6)Press the button"A" to turn off the camera,the red indicator will quick flashes two be off.

      (7)When the camera on the “OFF”Status,connect the camera to PC with the USB cable,then computer can identify automatically new disk.


        Push the button to off

        Connect the camera and power source

        The red indicator is burning

        During charging,the red indicator is burning

        When it is full,the red indicator is off

        Notice,PC also can provide the power to it.


      Because of the wrong operation or any other unknown reasons,there is no any feedback from the camera,please push the button to OFF and push it to ON again.

      (10)Low Power

        When it is low power,the red indicator will flash quickly.

      (11)File Storage and replay

      Connect the camera and PC with USB Cable,The red indicator is burning,Copy the file to PC

      (12)Replay the file in software, Operation system comes with or mainstream video player software.

      (13)Setting time

      1. Connecting the machine to the computer for entering U disk mode.

      2. In the root directory to create a new text file named "time. txt" .

      3. Opening text file, according to the following format to input time, such as :2011.12.01 10:10:10 (Year. Month. Day  Hour: Minute:Seconds).

      4. Closing the file and exiting safely, it is ok.


      Pixels 5.0 Mega CMOS OV9712

      Video Resolution 1920*1080

      Video Format AVI(H.264)

      FPS 30fps

      Video coding M-JPEG

      Photo Format JPG 4032*3024

      View Angle 120°

      Motion Detection Distance Direct 6 meters

      Low Illumination 1LUX

      Battery Capacity 2400MA

      Power Consumption 150MA/3.7V

      Memory TF Card

      Max. 32GB

      Software Operation system comes with or mainstream video player software

      Data Transfer Interface USB1.1/2.0

      Operation System 2000/XP/Visat32

      Charge Time About 4 hours

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