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  • 1080P Night vision No hole real lighter Spy camera hidden lighter camera support AV out max 32GB
  • images/v/1080P-No-hole-real-lighter-Spy-camera-hidden-lighter-camera-support-AV-out-max-32GB-01.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-No-hole-real-lighter-Spy-camera-hidden-lighter-camera-support-AV-out-max-32GB-02.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-No-hole-real-lighter-Spy-camera-hidden-lighter-camera-support-AV-out-max-32GB-03.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-No-hole-real-lighter-Spy-camera-hidden-lighter-camera-support-AV-out-max-32GB-04.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-No-hole-real-lighter-Spy-camera-hidden-lighter-camera-support-AV-out-max-32GB-05.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-No-hole-real-lighter-Spy-camera-hidden-lighter-camera-support-AV-out-max-32GB-06.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-No-hole-real-lighter-Spy-camera-hidden-lighter-camera-support-AV-out-max-32GB-07.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-No-hole-real-lighter-Spy-camera-hidden-lighter-camera-support-AV-out-max-32GB-08.jpg.jpg

1080P Night vision No hole real lighter Spy camera hidden lighter camera support AV out max 32GB

  • item#: 201709060001
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      • Description:
      • 1080P Night vision No hole real lighter Spy camera hidden lighter camera support AV out max 32GB

      Product features: 

      1. High quality image hd FULLHD1080PDVDC

      2. Imported OV9712 and hd lens 

      3. Small shape design, portable DVDC 

      4. In low illumination, the recording of hd image can be performed 

      5. Video format: 1920X1080P 

      6. Photo mode: 12M (4032X3024) 

      7. High-speed transmission of USB2. 0 interface 

      8. Maximum support for 32gb t-flash card 

      9. Support AV OUT video output can be external monitor. 

      10. The built-in lithium battery lasts for about 70 minutes 

      Operational guidelines: 

      1. Charge: The machine is equipped with rechargeable lithium battery. When using this machine for the first time, please charge it first, and it can be charged as follows: Connect the charging of the computer with USB cable, connect the charging charge, connect charging head to charge, connect the car charge to wait for charge! It usually takes two to three hours. In the process of charging, if there is no memory card in the machine, the red light will flash and the blue light will be bright; If there is a memory card inside the machine, enter 1080P video. 

      2. Switching machine: 

      Press ON/OFF button in two seconds to turn ON (vibrator vibrate for 1 second and stop to turn ON). Hold ON/OFF button in any mode for two seconds to shut down (vibrator vibration for 2 seconds to enter shutdown); Save the record to the file before you enter it. 

      3.1080 P video: In shutdown state press ON/OFF every two seconds to boot (vibrator vibration 1 seconds and then stopped prompt boot), the startup is completed under the red light flashes three short (vibrator vibration stopped twice and then prompt) into 1080 p video; Save a file automatically for 5 minutes; Automatic coverage, 

      cycle video. Click ON/OFF key once (the vibrator is short and stop the prompt) to stop the video and save the file, and the blue light rises and goes into standby mode. No operation within two minutes of standby mode, automatic shutdown (vibrator vibration 2 seconds prompt to enter shutdown). 

      In standby mode, click ON the ON/OFF key once again and the red light flashes three times (vibrator short vibration twice then stop) and enter 1080P video; 

      4.Usb function: The machine can be used as U disk after connecting the computer by USB cable, and can be copied, clipped, deleted, formatted, etc. A. After the machine is connected to the computer, if the computer is unable to recognize it, or if it does not pop up A mobile disk logo after 30 seconds, please reset it again. B, advice directly with T card reader read the video files to play, and through the USB to connect directly to save in this camera video video file, may be because the data quantity is too large, transport couldn't keep up with, to play not smooth. 

      5.Change the Settings on your own time: In the desktop state, click on the computer mouse to right-click, select -- create new (W) -- create a new text document, as shown in the picture; Rename the new text file name (TIMERSET) drawing, then open (TIMERSET) text, and compile the time format you need (minutes per year), 20151218181818Y, and save the text. Plug in the computer via the USB cable. Good save text documents are copied to the U disk mode under the root directory of as shown in figure () and then remove the USB cable, a video recording, the RTC time watermark was written to the machine keep deposit, (read U disk inserted into the computer again, TIMERSET file disappeared. Don't need time watermark is also operating mode, mainly is the tail Y and N difference. Content format is as follows: Reference style: 1. 20151218181818Y (with time watermark) 1. 20151218181818N (no time watermark)

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      • 1080P Night vision No hole real lighter Spy camera hidden lighter camera support AV out max 32GB
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      • 1080P Night vision No hole real lighter Spy camera hidden lighter camera support AV out max 32GB
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