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  • 1080P mini Button Spy camera with Motion detection Support Video photo and Voice recorder and external battery
  • images/v/1080P-mini-Button-Spy-camera-with-Motion-detection-Support-Video-photo-and-Voice-recorder-and-external-battery-U836-07.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-mini-Button-Spy-camera-with-Motion-detection-Support-Video-photo-and-Voice-recorder-and-external-battery-U836-06.jpg.jpg
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  • images/v/1080P-mini-Button-Spy-camera-with-Motion-detection-Support-Video-photo-and-Voice-recorder-and-external-battery-U836-01.jpg.jpg

1080P mini Button Spy camera with Motion detection Support Video photo and Voice recorder and external battery

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      • 1080P mini Button Spy camera with Motion detection Support Video photo and Voice recorder and external battery

      Thank you for purchasing our mini DV, please follow our user’s guide and keep it for future reference, thank you! 


      K1: short time press K1 to power on the machine, press K1 and hold for 3s can off the machine

      K2:  short time press K2 to make video, press K2 and hold for 3s can change to Motion detection

      K3: short time press K3 to take photo, pres K3 ad hold for voice recording

      K4: short time press K4 to reset machine

      Product features 

      Supports AVI video format 

      Under low illumination, support HD video record

      Can support 1920 * 1080, 30 fps

      Support USB2.0

      Support high speed TF card (max is 32GB)

      Battery can last about 120mins under video recording mode after full charging


      Light pipe 

      K1 key 


      K2 keys 

      K3 key 



      Note: please turn off the machine before connect with computer

      1.Turn on / off

      Press K1 button to turn on the machine, blue light will flicker five times and then go to standby mode, light will be keep blue under standby mode, long time press K1 button and hold can turn off the machine. After turn on the machine, If does not insert TF card, machine will auto turn off in 10 seconds.

      2. (a) Video record: short time pres K2 button, blue light will flicker twice and then into video mode, the machine will auto save video per 5mins. If you press K1 button one time under video mode, machine will save the video and then back to standby mode

      (b) Motion detecting / photograph: press K2 button and hold, blue light flicker five times and machine goes to motion detecting mode, blue light will be off at the same time. Machine will save video per 1min. When there is no objet moving, machine will stop video recording and blue light keep off. Once object move, blue light flicker one time and then off, machine will start make video again. Under motion detecting mode, press K2 button one time can save video and back to standby mode

      (c)Photograph: press K3 button one time, blue light flicker one time and machine take photo, then back to standby mode.

      (d) Voice recording: In standby mode, press K3 button and hold, machine will begin voice recording after blue light flicker three times, machine will save voice file per 5 minutes.  Short time press K3 button can back to standby mode

      3. Mobile hard disk / webcam: connect the machine with computer via USB port, short time press K1 button can move to hard disk or webcam. 

      Note: according to different computer configuration or system, identify the removable disk will take different time, please be patient. 

      4. Set up the video time: make sure machine is in off state, then connect machine with computer, you will find the "removable disk" in computer, open it, find the TIME.BAT and double press it to create time.txt file, and then double press time.txt file (please off the antivirus software before you double press time.txt file), system will update the time automatically. If need to update time by hand, please open time.txt file by computer notebook to adjust the time, then save this file under root directory of removable disk, and then remove the machine from computer, turn on the machine to make video, the time will update accordingly.

      6. When machine is in charging, press K2 button one time, blue light will flicker three times and machine go into video recording mode

      7.  Recycling video: When machine is recording video, if TF card is full, the new video will cover the previous video 

      8. Charging:  1) connected with computer via USB port to charge.

      2) use the power adapter (DC5V, 0.5A) to charging machine, when charging, the red light will keep on and off after full charge.


      Related parameters:

      project Related parameters 

      Video format AVI

      Video coding M-JPEG

      The video resolution 1920*1080

      Photo resolution 4032*3024

      Shooting Angle 80°

      Player software The operating system or bring the mainstream video player software 

      Image format JPG

      Support system

      Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista;Mac os 10.4;Linux;

      Charging voltage DC-5V

      The interface type 4PIN USB

      Storage support TF

      The battery type Built-in 320mA capacity polymer battery 

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