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  • 1080P HD WIFI glass Hidden spy camera video recorder for Android and IOS work about 45 Minutes
  • images/v/1080P-HD-WIFI-glass-Hidden-spy-camera-video-recorder-for-Android-and-IOS-work-about-45-Minutes-06.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-HD-WIFI-glass-Hidden-spy-camera-video-recorder-for-Android-and-IOS-work-about-45-Minutes-05.jpg.jpg
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  • images/v/1080P-HD-WIFI-glass-Hidden-spy-camera-video-recorder-for-Android-and-IOS-work-about-45-Minutes-03.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-HD-WIFI-glass-Hidden-spy-camera-video-recorder-for-Android-and-IOS-work-about-45-Minutes-02.jpg.jpg
  • images/v/1080P-HD-WIFI-glass-Hidden-spy-camera-video-recorder-for-Android-and-IOS-work-about-45-Minutes-01.jpg.jpg

1080P HD WIFI glass Hidden spy camera video recorder for Android and IOS work about 45 Minutes

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      • 1080P HD WIFI glass Hidden spy camera video recorder for Android and IOS work about 45 Minutes

      Glassse Operation
      Insert Micro SD Memory card (Up to 128GB) into the SD Memory Card Slot. Long press the
      button to turn on the camera.
      WIFI P2P Mode: After turn on, the camera will enter WIFI P2P mode and camera will
      transmitting WIFI (red light blink) or connect to router (blue indicator light).
      Recording Mode: After turn on the camera ,Short press the button to switch recording mode
      and the light turn off and start recording.
      If your camera is unresponsive hold the power button and reset button simultaneously to restart. If camera no WIFI signal in WIFI p2p mode, hold the RESET BUTTON for 20 seconds and the camera will flash to indicate a successful reboot. If the camera is still no WIFI signal, charging the camera with the adapter witch output 5V/2A.
      APP Operation
      Download APP
      DOWNLOAD THE APP P2PLiveCam from Google Play or APP Store.
      If the camera has not been setup yet, the red light will blink slowly to indicate that it is
      transmitting a local WIFI signal. Use your mobile phone to search for WIFI network. The WIFI name start with the letter CM. Connect to this network Once connected to the network open the APP P2PLiveCam. From the main live video screen press the ADD(+) button in the top right corner.
      Form the ADD Device screen tap ADD NEW ONLINE CAMERA to add camera.
      Form the ADD NEW ONLINE CAMERA screen tap QR SCAN to use your phone’s camera to scan the sticker on the back of the camera or manually enter the UID.
      You can also tap SEARCH LAN to see your camera. This will also show you the IP Address of your camera.
      The camera can be named anything and the default password is 8888
      Press OK to add camera and return to the main live view screen
      Connecting to Internet
      Once the camera is added the settings can be accessed by pressing the gear to the right of the camera.
      Form the pop up menu press Device Settings.
      Form the Advance Settings screen press WiFi Config.On this screen select the WIFI network with sent by your home router and connect.
      There will be a pop up prompt to input the password to connect to the WIFI network.
      It will ask you want to connect to this network and when ok is pressed the camera will reboot. The red and blue light on the camera will blink for 30 seconds and then blue light turn solid once the camera connects to the WIFI network.
      You can now reconnect your phone or tablet to your home network WIFI

      Pixl 1.3 megapixel CMOS
      Resolution 1080P/720P
      Video format ASF/AVI
      Frames 25
      View angle 90°
      Distance of motion  detection shooting 6 m straight-line  distance
      Power supply li-battery
      Continuous recording  time About 40 minutes
      Compressed format H.264
      Sound recording  range 5㎡
      Power consumption 280mA/3.7V
      Storage temperature -20-80℃
      Operating  temperature -10-60℃
      Operating humidity15-85%RH
      Type of memory card Micro SD card
      Maximum capacity of  memory card 128GB
      Play software VLCPlayer/SMPlayer
      Computer operation  system Windows/Mac OS X Mobile phone  
      operation system Android/iOS
      Web browser IE7 and above,chrome,Firefox safari.etc
      support  limited  pieces client software online at same time Can support 4 client software online the same time

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      • 1080P HD WIFI glass Hidden spy camera video recorder for Android and IOS work about 45 Minutes
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      • 1080P HD WIFI glass Hidden spy camera video recorder for Android and IOS work about 45 Minutes
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