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  • images/v/1080P-HD-Night-vision-Cup-cover-Spy-camera-Hidden-cup-cover-dvr-with-motion-detection-Max-32GB-C6-01.jpg.jpg
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1080P HD Night vision Cup cover Spy camera Hidden cup cover dvr with motion detection Max 32GB

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      • 1080P HD Night vision Cup cover Spy camera Hidden cup cover dvr with motion detection Max 32GB


      Short press on K1 for Power On ,the recording mode starts automatically. Short press on K1 again for Power Off.

      Short press on K2 for reset.

      Short press on K3 for formatting TF card.

      Slide K4 for Infrared Light ON/OFF.


      This high-tech product with HD Infrared camera must be used strictly under the direction of instruction manual. No Product Warranty and After-sale Service in the case of product damage caused by misuse.

      1. Product Features

      AVI video format supported

      HD video recording can be performed under low        illumination intensity

      1920*1080   30 frames per second recording supported

      Common USB2.0 interface supported

      At most 32G high-speed T-flash card supported

      Built-in lithium battery support longtime recording as long  as about 420 minutes with infrared lamp off, about 300 minutes with infrared lamp on. 

      2. Brief Introduction

         This product’s functions include: HD camera shooting, digital video camera, photography, motion detection, night vision video recording etc. It’s delicate and nice-looking, practical and easy to operate,convenient to carry. It’s a practical tool in such fields like business, education, security, media, justice, tourism and daily life, highly accepted by variety of customers.

         Illustration of each unit:

         1.1 button: operate as picture specification

         1.2 socket: USB, for connecting PC/charger

         1.3 camera: HD, for video recording

      3. Operation Instructions 

      Must-know before use: Strongly suggest powering off the device before connecting with PC.

      This product consists of delicate electron components inside.Touch lightly please when operating to avoid button damage.Please pull out the USB head a little bit in case the disk can’t be read.

      Power On/Off

         1. Short press on K1 for Power On. After the blue light shines 3 times and the motor vibrates for 1 second, the recording mode starts directly. The blue light goes out at the same time.Every 5 minutes the video will be saved into file once. In the recording mode, short press on K1 the blue light shines 6 times and the device power off then. The device will power off in 10 seconds without T-flash card in it once you power on it. The video will be held into file and the device will power off automatically when its in electricity shortage state.

        2. Short press on K2 for reset. The blue light shines 2 times and the motor vibrate for 1 second.

        3. Short press on K3 for formatting the disk. The blue light shines 2 times and the motor vibrate for 1 second.

        4. Slide K4 for Infrared Light ON/OFF.

        5. Slide K5 for video saving file format of HD/1080p.

        6. Short press on K6 for motor ON/OFF.(The motor must be in ON state at first due to the vibration functions of other operations.)

        7. Mobile HDD/Webcam:When the device is connected---no matter Power On or Power Off state---with PC through USB cable, short press on K1 for switching between Mobile HDD/Webcam.


      Please be patient that the speed of reading mobile HDD is a little bit different according to computer dispositions and system differences. In this period, it’s better not to operate the device in case impact on PC reading disks. If mobile HDD can’t be read for long, please insert once again. After that ,if it still can’t be read, please make sure your operating system, motherboard driver, USB interface and cable normal. Please uninstall the disk according to the standard rules to avoid damage to PC or the video recorder. To avoid damage to the device, please connect the USB cable with the video recorder’s interface first before connecting the other side with PC’s interfaces.

       8. Video recording time settings: The time and date of video recorded can be fixed in recording files. Solutions are followed:

        In the state of Power Off, connect the device with PC, open the disk on computer, and TIME , a time fixer will produced automatically. Click twice the TIME and a time.exe file will be produced. And the time and date will be changed as PC’s time and date automatically. If it’s necessary for yourself to input it, please open the time.exe file using the PC Notebook to alter. And preserve it under the root directory of the mobile HDD. Disconnect USB and start video recording again, the time and date will show the latest settings in the bottom right corner of the screen.

       9. Recording while battery charging: While charging the battery ,the device will power on automatically. Then short press on K1 for turning on/off recording mode.

       10.Circulate recording: Previously recorded files will be covered and new files start to record again when the T-flash card reaches maximum in the process of continuously video recording .

       11. Battery charging:(1)connect the device with PC to charge by using USB

      (2)use the power adapter to charge.

         Power Adapter Standards:  Input  AC 110-240V

                                   Output  DC 5V

                                   Electric Current  500mA-1000mA 

      Power Adapter is recommended to use.

      In the process of battery charging, the red light is continuously on.

      4. Relevant Parameters

      Items Relevant Parameters

      Video Format AVI

      Video Coding M-JPEG

      Video Resolution 1920*1080

      Photo Resolution 4032*3024

      Shooting Angle 90°

      Player Software The operating system originally bringing/the mainstream video player software

      Picture Format JPG

      Supported System Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista;Mac os 10.4;Linux;

      Charging Voltage DC-5V

      Interface Type 4PUSB

      Storage Support TF

      Battery Type Built-in 1000mA high capacity polymer battery

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