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  • images/v/1080P-HD-140-degree-lens-F1-Mini-Spy-Video-recorder-Motion-detecting-Work-on-charger-Max-128G-01.jpg.jpg
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  • images/v/1080P-HD-140-degree-lens-F1-Mini-Spy-Video-recorder-Motion-detecting-Work-on-charger-Max-128G-06.jpg.jpg

1080P HD 140 degree lens F1 Mini Spy Video recorder Motion detecting Work on charger Max 128G

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      • 1080P HD 140 degree lens F1 Mini Spy Video recorder Motion detecting Work on charger Max 128G

      Operational guidelines for school official cites use

      1. charge

      The machine built-in rechargeable lithium battery, can charge the battery for camera when no electricity, can charge the battery through the following ways:(1) connect the computer charging, using the USB cable connected to the computer, in the state of U disk can be charged (charging in the slow flash a red light, full of red and blue lights long)(2) the charger, USB cable and charger connection, put the charger plugged into mains socket,Recharge card conditions: blue indicator long on three minutes after the power supply is connected to slow the red light flashing, full of red and blue lights long, charging for about three hours to reach full recharge Don't charge card state: blue light is turning on the power supply after three minutes slow flash out, to the red light flash, slow long full of red and blue lights on, charging for about three hours to reach full recharge

      2. The boot

      Gently press the Power key, red and blue lights machine into the initialization, the machine was on readiness, and immediately into the blue lights long into the standby mode.


      * please be sure to confirm the camera has been inserted in the T - flash (Micro SD card, if not card boot, slow blue lights flashing cameras will automatically turn off after 30 seconds, as in the boot after insert TF card, easy to cause the freezing, boot without any within 1 minute after the operation, the machine automatic shutdown.

      * T - flash (Micro SD) using minimum capacity of 8 gb, maximum capacity of 128 gb, and other equipment share memory CARDS before use, please make sure to format again after use, file will take time, please do not in continuous press the operation key when saving or pull out the memory card directly, it is likely to lead to the recording file cannot be saved, or make the generated file is incomplete, more likely to lead to crash. please in sufficient lighting conditions, is taken by the camera to like, and subject to keep a distance of more than 50 cm,This will be correct, the color is natural, the scenery is clear, the stability of the images.

      3 photos

      Standby MODE, short press the "MODE" key once Blue light, red light flashes once photographed a standby after save.

      4, video

      Standby mode, short press "OK" button once, red light flashing on the blue light is long under the three light is put out all video cameras and video short press "OK" button once, blue lights, camera to save the video files automatically after enter the standby mode. If you want to continue to video please repeat shangbu operation. (machine can continuous video, save a file, every 10 minutes until the battery is automatically saved)Short video mode, press the "mode" key red light flashes three times out Prompt video state

      5. Motion detecting video

      Standby mode, long press the "OK" key for 3 seconds, the blue lights, into the motion detecting standby, when the camera has a moving object, and automatically start the video, each video video for 2 minutes, record the full save after 2 minutes, to detect whether there is a dynamic, if undetectable, automatically in the motion detecting standby state. If detected dynamically, automatically entered into video, motion detecting state, short press the "OK" key, blue light long on, exit the motion detecting model. (when the motion detecting mode is video, will automatically save the video then quit)

      6,Set time.

      In the product insert TF card to connect the computer, a new name for the time in the root directory of the text documents, open time. TXT text files, according to the minutes when (date) (month) (year) N/Y (2016.05.10 Spaces 09:54:18 space Y) format, write to synchronize time and restart the machine can be taken (suffix for Y show time watermark, suffix for N does not display the time watermark watermark default display time)

      7, the camera parameters

      The camera insert TF CARDS connected computers, in the root directory to create a new name for SIZESET. TXT "text documents, document input the number 10 stored in file the reboot automatically burn-in machine,The first digital input 1 on behalf of the video resolution is 720 * 480 Enter 2 for video resolution of 1280 x720

      3 on behalf of the video resolution is 1920 x1080 input Second, 1 on behalf of the open loop covering 0 (closed loop coverage, restart the machine can be taken

      8. To turn it off

      In the state of camera or standby mode, long press the "Power" key for 3 seconds, loosen the button, to light is put out, the said machine Has just been turned off.

      9. Automatic shutdown function

      In the following situations: MINI DV will automatically save the video data, and automatically shut down:

      (1) in camera, such as the battery is low, the system will save the video content first, and then automatically shut down

      (2) after startup, one minute without any operation, the system will automatically shut down

      10. Filling record:

      Machine in the case of shutdown, connect the charger or mobile power, the machine automatically boot into standby mode (blue light long on), at this point, can be video, photo motion detecting video operation, if 3 minutes without any operating function, the machine automatically into the charging status.

      Note: filling and record the state, the machine belong to charging and power consumption, the charging time is not long. If you need quick charge, please do not to charge while recording.

      11. Connect the computer

      Connect to computers in a shutdown state, after connecting the computer can be used as a U disk, files are free to copy, cut and paste, and delete. Insert the machine into the computer USB port, computers will pop up a few seconds after the removable disk, the red light flashing or long bright.

      The function of the computer camera On, press the machine connected to the computer with USB cable, this time into the computer camera mode, click on the icon AMCAP or open network video software, can when the camera in the computer use.

      Reset the 13.

      When the machine because of illegal operation or other unknown reason, the work is not normal, need to reset products. Specific operation Method is: at the same time, press the "MODE" button and "OK" button to a reset operation can be realized

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